10 Bootable Partition Managers You Can Use

Bootable media is the only way to fix a system that refuses to start or has crashed completely after playing in shady casino sites instead of online casino games NetBet. Bootable partition managers and tools can be used to create a bootable CD, USB, or Flash drive. This can also be used to save Windows, and other operating systems, fix corrupted, retrieve deleted or lost partitions, and many other useful functions.

Below is a list of paid and free tools. Please note whether they include bootable media builders in their free versions.

Bootable Partition Managers

1. GParted

  • Bootable Yes. Use ISO image for free.

GParted is completely independent of other software and can be used from USB or CD bootable drives. It is also called GNome Partition Editor among Linux enthusiasts. This tool has a graphical interface that is often missing in open-source tools, making it easy to use and understand. To use the GParted ISO, you must first download it and burn it to CD/USB.

You can see the task graphically, just like paid tools. You can use it with all major filesystems, including FAT, NTFS, and Linux Swap. Queue execution is a standard feature of all free software. This feature is a delight to see in freeware. This allows you to take actions, and they will be saved in a queue. All actions will be executed once you click commit. This makes it easier to experiment and customize the disk.

What can GParted do?

  • You can copy, move, copy, shrink (extend/shrink) and create partitions without losing data.
  • GParted can be used to retrieve data from deleted or lost files
  • GParted can be used for diagnosis purposes as well. You can perform surface scans, check and do other things.
  • You can also create UUIDs and label or relabel disks.

2. TestDisk

  • Bootable Yes. You can use LiveCDs, or create your own ISO. Free.

Open-source partition manager from CGSecurity. Although TestDisk is not available directly as a bootable partition manager, it is included in many ISOs and LiveCDs. It was the last stable version 15 released in 2015. However, it still works perfectly. View all LiveCDs. FreeDos allows you to create your own TestDisk. The only problem is the command line interface.

TestDisk is compatible with Windows, DOS, and Linux. It supports almost all filesystems currently known.

TestDisk is capable of performing all the regular functions, including rebuilding NTFS sectors and boot sectors, recovering NTFS or FAT boot sector backups as well as recovering deleted ones. It can also fix MFT with MFT mirrors, undelete files from damaged disks, and repair MFT.

3. Minitool Partition Wizard Pro 10 Pro with Boot Media Maker

  • Bootable Only Pros and Above can create.

Minitool Partition Wizard is the foundation of nearly every article on partition tools. Minitool Partition Wizard is the best tool for partition tools because of its robust features and easy use. As of the time of writing, 21 million people had downloaded the free edition. This is a huge number by any standard. The free edition includes many features that you won’t find in paid versions of similar apps. It can’t create bootable media.

Minitool Partition Wizard Pro is the best partition tool you can buy. This tool is currently $39 and will provide lasting peace for you and your friends once you have created a bootable USB and CD. You can also create multiple copies of the boot media.

What can a Minitool Partition do?

You can delete, resize and split partitions. You can also format, copy and move the files. You can also perform surface scans, deep scanners, repairing corrupt drives, and wiping the disk features. Converting one partition to another is possible without losing data. It is possible to move or copy the entire operating system onto a new hard drive.

Minitool does not support dynamic disks, as many people claim. It is possible to convert dynamic disk to basic and vice versa. Although the recovery feature is amazing, it’s only available in the Pro version. The Queue feature can be found in the free version.

4. AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Free

  • BootableYes in a Free Version Amazing, right?

It is an all-in-one manager and disk management software. It can perform all tasks that are related to disk. It works with Windows 8/7/Vista/XP and offers advanced functions such as converting NTFS and FAT32, migrating OS and SSD, and converting GPT and MBR, and vice versa.

You can enjoy many features, including Extend Partition Wizard. Disk Copy Wizard. Partition Copy Wizard. Partition Recovery Wizard. Bootable USB/CD wizard Wizard. Windows To Go Creator.

5. Parted Magic

  • Bootable Yes. You can use an ISO image or a previous free version.

Parted Magic is a bootable OS that includes a bunch of programs such as ddrescue and CloneZilla SuperGrubdisk. You can find the full list of Parted Magic’s features here. This program is no longer available for download. You can download the latest free version of Parted Magic 2013 at MajorGeeks.com. It still works.

This tool can perform all the tasks that major programs cannot. It can sometimes get confused by the complexity of commands and prompts. However, this tool achieves all these features using separate programs and multiple in-built ones. You can also use TrueCrypt encryption, and Secure Erase to securely erase disks, benchmarking systems, disk, and copying or rescuing data from non-bootable operating systems, diagnosing failing disks etc.

You can get the latest full version if the free version crashes or fails to work because it uses outdated versions of the library. It’s only $11 to get the latest Parted Magic 2017 (Feb), full version. This deal is too tempting to pass up.

6. Active@ BootDisk

  • Bootable Yes but not for free

My tests with the demo BootDisk showed that I wasn’t impressed by its slow boot times. They recently released v5 which includes bug fixes, GUI tweaks, and new features. This could improve overall performance. The demo version will only display the findings and suggest ways to fix it, but not actually do any of that. This is not available in the full version.

You can also resize, transform, and repair along with other common tasks. It is very easy to use the wizard and makes it simple for even the most novice user. It recognizes almost all major filesystems, including FAT, NTFS, and NTFS + EFS. It supports Windows XP and Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2003, plus many other Linux variants.

You can also clone full disks or partitions, set labels, make the disk active for boot, change the primary disk, edit boot records, and many other features. These features can also be found in Minitool software. Although these extra features are useful, they are not necessary in many cases.

7. Cute Partition Manager

  • Bootable Yes, and Free

This advanced command-line tool has won numerous awards. The tool is built-in and allows for the creation of a bootable USB in just one click. CPM can be run after you have installed the operating system. It can create over 100 partitions on your hard drive in a matter of minutes. It supports almost all OSes, filesystems, and disk types. This can be used to:

  • Move, delete, and create.
  • Modify flags and parameters such as boot flag, filesystem type, and labels

8. Paragon Partition Manager

  • Bootable Only Pro/Paid Versions

Paragon is a well-known name in disk management. Paragon is a well-known brand in disk management. They have many products on the market. Their USP is easy and free. They currently offer 16 free software for disk management on their website. Paragon Partition Manager 14, Free, is the latest addition to that list.

Paragon will guide you through a number of steps using its wizard. In the end, you’ll be able to commit your changes. There is a step-by-step wizard for everything you need, including shrinking, deletion, deleting, or enhancing disks. Although the Paragon free version is limited, it supports all major filesystems, including FAT, EXT, NTFS, and HFS. It supports conversions and GPT / UEFI configurations. Paragon allows you to create a copy of your entire data backup and then move it to another disk. You can even use backup features to restore the OS. Automatic Partition alignment was something I found very interesting.

The paid version includes additional security features such as Undelete module and amazing Boot Corrector. You can also burn a bootable SystemRescueCD, or create a bootable thumbdrive with the tool built-in.

You can currently get the full version Partition Manager 15 Home for only $39.95

9. EaseUS Partition Master Master Free

  • Bootable Only in the Pro version

Another trusted brand in disk management. You can create, resize, shrink, delete, move/split, wipe, format and copy/clone the free version. You can use regular hard drives, SSDs and USB flash drives as well as memory cards. To correct booting issues, you can change labels and set the active/inactive labels. Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP are the supported operating systems.

Cloning is a very powerful feature. It can be used to create a complete copy or a disk. This can then be copied to a different disk. Migration that fails to work is called complete operating system. This feature is not available in the paid version.

One thing I don’t like about the free version of MBR to GTP is vice-versa conversions. It is available in almost all tools, but not in EaseUs. The free version can only be used with 8 TB of disk.

10. Partition Logic

  • BootableYes or Free

A trusted program that is reliable and old. This program was my only tool until mid-2008. It’s easy to use and completely graphical. Visopsys operating systems are the basis of partition logic. This allows you to create, delete, and erase. You can also format, defragment, resize, copy, and move. This tool can modify the attributes of a disk.

This tool has amazing potential in the correction of corrupted individuals. It was my savior once. There are limitations, and they can be a bit frustrating. You cannot resize EXT or FAT file systems. These files must be deleted or merged and then recreated. It cannot format NTFS and EXT. It does not support SUN and BSD operating systems, and it doesn’t support non-USB SCSI hard drives.

I hope that you found this information useful. You might also be interested in open-source partition managers. Some of these can be converted to boot disks and some are even completely free.


You can create a bootable partition disk using freeware and paid software. If you’re a novice user or have just experienced a crash, I recommend Minitool Partition Wizard Pro and Partition Management 15 Home. Parted Magic, which costs just $11 is a great tool for those who are tech-savvy.

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