3 Proven Techniques to Boost Visibility For Your Website

Creating a visually attractive website with great text content is not enough for your business growth. Moreover, following an excellent SEO strategy can bring some but not a complete success. Why? Because your website needs to be visible to your potential customers and those who might be interested in your products, services, or content. 

Luckily, there are some simple yet effective methods business owners can implement to gain more website visits and convert more leads into customers. 

Three tested techniques for improving website visibility

Bringing more attention to your website is challenging, especially if you’re not fully aware of certain aspects of website creation. Whether you decide to work with a specialist or choose to learn and do everything on your own, there are some fundamental and proven techniques you should try out. This small guide will discuss those techniques and give you an idea of where to begin. 

1. Register your business website with Google Business

Google is the most favorite and effective search engine nowadays. If you properly register your company website with its various tools, like HRMS, Employee onboarding,Payroll etc.. you can use it to your fullest success. If you run a business website, optimizing it for Google should be one of your priority tasks. In short, this step will help your business get found easily and appear on top results over time. 

On the other hand, you should only use this option if your business has a physical location such as a store, a bakery, etc. Especially if you run a local company, this is a great option for getting more visibility and customer attention. Don’t also forget to gather customer reviews, as this is an important ranking factor as well. 

2. Ensure mobile-friendliness

Nowadays, most people use their phones to search for different things and get the information needed. This is the reason every company should make sure its website is mobile-optimized. Whether you have a healthcare chatbot on your website or have embedded a video, it’s important to make them easily accessible on mobile. Imagine you’re a tourist in a small town looking for a restaurant. You’re most likely searching for your mobile device, right? Similarly, businesses should work on making their websites mobile-friendly. 

This step is good for users and website visitors and a great indication for search engine crawlers that your website is optimized. 

3. Implement the right keywords

Your business competitors may rank for certain keywords on different search engines. However, this doesn’t mean that their strategy will work for you. While, in most cases, you can use the same general keywords in your industry, you should work on keyword research separately. This will allow you to improve B2B sales, increase brand awareness, and work on overall business development.

If you want to rank better on Google SERPs, keywords are a powerful mechanism for this. Use different tools and platforms such as the Google Keyword Planner to find industry-relevant keywords. Then, group all the keywords according to different factors such as search volume and keyword difficulty. In the final stage, you need to filter those and choose the ones that can bring the most results. In the meantime, avoid overstuffing your website pages with keywords. Instead, use them naturally and smartly. 


There are so many competitors in all industries; every business faces that challenge at some point. And it makes it hard to gain website visibility. With the small techniques in this guide, you can start the process. By analyzing the strategies you’ve implemented, you can later decide what works better for you. 

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