3 Secret Features of Instagram To Use For More Engagement

Instagram is a dynamic platform with a plethora of features beyond the basics. To maximize engagement and make the most of your Instagram presence, leverage these three secret features:

1. Instagram Close Friends List:

The Close Friends feature allows you to share Stories exclusively with a selected group of followers. This creates a sense of exclusivity and fosters a closer connection with your audience. 

How to Use:

Go to your profile and tap on the three lines in the top-right corner.

Select “Close Friends” from the menu.

Add followers to your Close Friends list.

When posting a Story, choose to share it with your Close Friends.

Why It Boosts Engagement:

Targeted Content: Tailor content specifically for your Close Friends, making them feel more connected and valued. Just as you would use WhatsApp API to share personalized updates, leverage the Close Friends feature on platforms like Instagram for targeted content delivery. 

Exclusive Updates: Share behind-the-scenes content, exclusive promotions, or personal updates with this select group.

2. Instagram Guides:

Guides allow you to curate and share content in a more organized and immersive way. You can create Guides for products, places, or posts that inspire you, providing a valuable resource for your audience.

How to Use:

Go to your profile and tap the ‘+’ button.

Choose “Guide.”

Select the type of Guide you want to create (Places, Products, or Posts).

Add content and descriptions.

Why It Boosts Engagement:

Content Curation: Guides enable you to curate content around specific themes, making it easier for your audience to explore and engage with your recommendations.

Increased Visibility: Guides have a dedicated tab on your profile, giving followers an additional way to discover your content.

3. Instagram Reels Remix:

The Remix feature for Reels allows users to create their take on your existing Reel. This collaborative feature enhances engagement and interaction with your content.

How to Use:

Find the Reel you want to remix and tap on the three dots.

Select “Remix This Reel.”

Record your remix and share it.

Why It Boosts Engagement:

Interactive Content: Encourages users to actively engage with your content by participating in the remix.

User-generated Content: Provides an opportunity for your audience to contribute creatively to your content, fostering a sense of community.

Bonus Tip: 

You can even use funny locations on Instagram to add a touch of humor to your posts and engage your audience in a lighthearted manner. Utilizing Instagram’s feature that allows you to tag funny or creative locations can make your content more entertaining and shareable. This not only showcases your brand’s personality but also encourages social sharing and interaction. Incorporating funny locations on Instagram can be a creative and playful way to connect with your audience, adding a unique and memorable element to your social media campaigns.


Incorporating these secret features into your Instagram strategy adds depth to your content and encourages more meaningful interactions with your audience. Whether through exclusive Close Friends content, organized Guides, or collaborative Reels, these features can elevate your Instagram presence and keep your followers engaged.

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