4 Things to Consider For Commercial Door Lock Repair

At some point in our lives we will have problems with one of the doors of our business, it could be the main door, it could be our office door or the one that leads to the staff rest area, but no matter which one it is, we should act as soon as possible and look for a locksmith to help us repair the door

But what do we tell the locksmith on the phone? How do we know what the problem is? And more importantly, what will the locksmith do when he comes in here, what are the most common problems? Sit down, take pencil and paper, today we will give you four problems and things to consider when a door in our store fails. 

The lock does not work

First problem, the most common, the deadbolt simply stopped working. It does not open, it does not close, probably the door is closed and it is simply stuck. In this case we have to worry because a deadbolt is a pretty hard material that usually does not fail, they are very well made and it is difficult to solve this logically on our own. 

In this case, the experienced locksmith will check what are the chances of not breaking the door. And our recommendation in this case is to avoid pushing, kicking, or mistreating the door because the cost will be much higher and if you break the bolt, there is a possibility that it will not work again. .

 The door latch does not work

It doesn’t turn, it doesn’t move, it doesn’t open or close, it doesn’t go up and down (depending on what type of latch you have). Well, in this case, there can be two options. The latch may be lacking a little lubrication, which you can accomplish with some specialized locksmith oil, or if it won’t keep working, calling a qualified professional will be your best option. 

Most door knobs or door handles tend to be very inexpensive, and are very easily damaged, so they will probably replace it.

Keyless door lock not working

This is a serious problem, especially if you have something working on the other side of the door that you need to remove or if there is a person on the other side. In this case the locksmith will use materials to disassemble the lock, it is the only way to open it if there is no one on the other side or if it is also locked. Although there are some locks that have manual overrides in a very small area of the handle, this is only in some locks and in that case the locksmith will be able to find a tool that helps to open it. Otherwise, it is necessary to disassemble it carefully so as not to damage the lock. 

The lock on the sliding door does not work.

Usually in businesses there are these types of doors for the entrances so that the customer can easily enter the premises, but many times due to seasonal changes, bad people who pull them too hard or simply lack maintenance, they simply stop working. 

In this case hire a locksmith to evaluate the sliding door and can tell you what is happening, if it is lack of maintenance probably will be fast, but if there is a major damage to the lock can reach the point of having to change or change a piece to keep sliding. 

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