6 Powerful Local Marketing Strategies for Your Business

Local marketing remains a critical component for any business to thrive. With so many strategies and a limited budget, the choices can become overwhelming. You may need help determining the cost-effectiveness of classic strategies, such as billboards. If you are already utilizing this marketing method and looking for ways to supplement it, you may be curious about newsracks or street furniture. This article will take a closer look at these local marketing strategies and more.

1. Billboards

Billboards are an effective way to reach not only the local customer base but also a large number of people passing through the area. As an example, Oklahoma City billboards have been shown to generate more than 700 million impressions in a four-week campaign despite the fact that Oklahoma City’s population is less than 700,000. Billboards provide a constant presence that generates brand awareness and familiarity over time while also reaching one-time viewers who are likely unaware of the local businesses located in that city.

As stated earlier, impressions over a four-week campaign can be 100 times more than the city’s population. Those Oklahoma City billboards can cost as little as $150 and have a median CPM of $2.90. If you want to reach a certain audience, billboard space can be purchased near specific attractions, such as sports venues or university campuses.

2. Newsrack Advertising

Despite many people proclaiming the death of the newspaper industry, it continues to serve an important role for many communities. Because of this, newsracks reach a concentrated percentage of the local population. These locations are typically in high-traffic areas, so your display is seen by a large number of people for a relatively low cost.

Because of its static image for an extended period of time, newsrack advertising can provide a boost to brand awareness. Not only does an advertisement reach everyone passing by on foot, but it often faces the street to garner the attention of people driving by in vehicles. Because of the association with local publications, newsrack advertising can also increase credibility for a local business being part of the community.

3. Newspaper Ads

If your intent is advertising strictly to locals and no one else, newspapers may be as focused as possible in that pursuit. Even if someone from out of town purchases the daily paper, that likely indicates they are staying around for the day and want to keep up with any local happenings. Regardless of whether it’s an annual subscriber or a one-time buyer, someone who receives the local newspaper demonstrates they have a strong interest in the local community. Combine that with the often cheap rates, and you have yourself a powerful local marketing strategy.

4. Street Furniture

Street furniture represents a local marketing strategy that includes lots of options. Street furniture could mean park benches, trash cans, bus stops, and much more. No matter what the objects are, they are all undoubtedly local. Like some of the other marketing strategies discussed previously, this campaign concept creates a steady dose of daily impressions for people who work or live in that area. It also solidifies the business as a local entity.

5. Transit

If a bus stop doesn’t entice you, advertising on an actual bus can be a powerful local marketing strategy. Many bus services sell poster-style advertisement space on the sides or rear of a bus. Depending on local regulations and other factors, some transit companies can wrap their entire bus with an advertisement. This turns the bus into a massive billboard that visits some of the highest-traffic spots in the city. If your local bus companies cannot offer this, similar alternatives might include taxi cabs and subway trains.

6. Location-Based

If you have a specific demographic you are targeting with your campaign, consider the most likely locations that demographic will be. If your product or service is geared toward teenagers or young adults, your best strategy may be advertising at the mall. If a hit movie is designed to reach your preferred audience, you should brainstorm ways to place an ad campaign where those moviegoers will see your company.  


Local customers are the lifeblood of many small businesses. If you are trying to bolster your customer base, a powerful local marketing strategy can accomplish that. However, you probably don’t have the resources to pursue all of them. From billboards to public transit, there are many ways to increase your company’s visibility in your community. By knowing your target demographic and the places they frequent the most, you can zero in on the optimal strategy for your business.

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