9 Crazy Ways To Attract Beautiful Women

Are you tired of chasing girls? Have you done everything in your life to get a beautiful partner, but nothing has worked so far? Maybe you like a girl and want to get her attention, but you’re not sure what to do.

In this article, we will share a few tips that will make girls chase you instead of you chasing them. We are sharing these tips from our personal experience and after reading hundreds of dating guides.

So, follow these tips religiously to get the girl of your choice.

Always Approach With Confidence

Approach her like an alpha guy and make your first impression count. It is normal if you have fear of approaching girls.

Sometimes you are scared of rejection, and it makes you desperate and needy. But if you want a girl, you need to overcome these feelings and approach her. Don’t worry. With some practice, you will overcome these feelings.

Flirt Like Crazy

Don’t get into your comfort zone. After approaching her, you need to make your intentions clear. Flirt with her. Start your conversation with some flirty questions to ask a girl collected by Twinfluence.

It will help you to avoid getting into the dreaded friend zone. Don’t start your conversation with boring topics like the weather or politics. Start your discussion playfully and with a smile on your face.

Show Confidence

Do you think money is important when dating attractive girls? It is not. Confidence is the most attractive thing that a guy can have.

If you are insecure and needy, it will repel her. When you exhibit confidence, you unconsciously tell her that you are the boss. Confidence is sexy, and it makes you 10x more attractive.

Have Fun

Here is the thing. While you might be serious about selecting a partner ASAP, Dating should be fun. It’s better when you don’t take it as another duty that you have to perform. When you have a good time, smile and laugh, it attracts girls to you. So always smile and laugh and have fun while dating girls.

Don’t Chase Her

After making your first impression, it is time to stop chasing her. It might seem counterintuitive, but when you constantly chase a girl, it repels her. It gives that needy vibes that repel people instead of attracting them.

Playing hard to get might sound cheesy, but it works in Dating. Giving her some space and concentrating on other things in your life is the best thing you can do.

Have Mastery Over Your Emotions

When you’re calm and collected, it exhibits confidence and is always great for your health.

You only get insecure and needy when you are unaware of your emotions. It is better to have a calm and collected personality without getting influenced by your emotions. Mediation is a good way to connect with your feelings.

Invest In Yourself

When you love yourself, other people adore you. It is always good to concentrate on self-development and self-education. While dating girls is great, it shouldn’t be the only thing that you are doing.

Also, focus on other areas of your life like your career, studies, and job. When you are always available, it makes you unattractive. Human naturally loves things that are hard to get. Girls always get attracted to boys who have passion in life. So always keep yourself first and improve your character.

Pay Attention to Her

Listening attentively is an important communication skill. Active listing develops strong relationships.

When you listen attentively and pay attention, it shows your respect for her. It also takes the burden of conversation off you. It diminishes the chances of you boring her with your talks. If she’s sharing something, it means she trusts you. So pay attention.

Socialize with Other People

Studies suggest that social circles play a huge role in our decisions. It affects our choices and who we choose as a partner. Having more friends shows you as a confident, attractive person.

It also depicts you as safe, so girls will be more likely to hang out with you if you are social and have many friends.

To sum it up

It is not usual for girls to chase you. Normally, guys chase girls and spend their time talking and texting them.

However, with a bit of twist, you can make girls chase you. Self-improvement, exhibiting confidence, and having mastery over your emotions, are something that can make you attractive and confident. So practice these things to attract beautiful women in your life.

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