Acne Wash & Other Ways to Prevent Ongoing Breakouts

Should you be one of the millions of people across the globe that suffer from the ongoing issue of acne, you’ll know that it’s super irritating, easy to spread and can destroy your confidence. The good news is that in addition to acne wash, there are a number of measures you can take to keep those dreaded pimples and whiteheads at bay.

So, let’s begin our list of helpful tips on controlling acne by looking at foaming washes and how they work. Don’t worry, none of what we’re about to cover is particularly hard to implement, so anyone reading this should be able to put it into practice. 

Acne Wash Helps, But So Does Daily Cleaning

The first measure you can take – if you’re not already – is to carry out daily cleansing. In fact, if you can cleanse twice a day as a routine, that’s even better. You see, if you want your acne wash to work to its fullest, your skin needs to be properly cleaned. 

Also, you should do so with a non-abrasive cleanser applied gently with your fingertips. It’s a good idea to repeat the process if you’ve exercised, too, as sweating can block your pores. 

Wash Your Hair Regularly Too

Why is it that spots often appear along your hairline? It has something to do with the oil that is also on your hair. When you don’t wash your hair regularly enough, your hair oils build up and then end up being transferred onto your forehead and temples, causing further breakouts. 

Wash your hair on a regular basis and tie it back from your face if you’ve got long hair. Then you’ll spare yourself from even more pimple troubles. 

Never EVER Pick Your Spots

If there’s one tip that trumps them all, it’s that you shouldn’t pick your zits. It might feel extremely satisfying and a little necessary, but you have to resist the urge. If you don’t and you start picking, you’re going to make things way worse. P Acnes bacteria and pus lives inside your clogged hair follicles, and when you break them with your fingers, you transfer it everywhere.

Everywhere you touch on your face, neck, and shoulders is a potential new breakout waiting to happen. Wear spot patches or put gloves on…whatever you think will stop you from picking – do it, as it’s the last thing you want to be doing. 

Acne Wash Is Just the Start On Your Fight Against Acne

When you’re fighting against acne, you need every bit of help you can get. Acne products are proven to work when you use them right, but they require that you create the ideal conditions for it to do so. 

As such, cleanliness is the order of the day, both for your skin and your hair. If you don’t, then it’s just a matter of time before it pops up somewhere else, making you curse your luck and doubt whether your BP wash or skincare routine is having the desired effect. 

Acne treatment is just the start of your journey to clearer skin, as changing your routine in line with your goals is pretty much the only way to guarantee success. 

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