Are metal roofs actually maintenance free roofing systems?

Of course, you have invested a lot of money and time installing your metal roof. But does it mean that it will not need any maintenance? Well, metal roofing reduces your maintenance and upkeep, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to do anything.

Here is guidance for metal roof maintenance and why you should do it.

There are two types of metal roof systems, screw down and standing seam. If they’re appropriately installed, they are great roof systems. And both need minimal maintenance.

Maintenance of standing seam metal roof

Once the standing seam roof is installed, you don’t need any maintenance except for the penetrations like gas and vent pipes. The collar and boots of the pipe will surely wear out sometime.

Failing to keep a check on them can cause a roof leak. But other than this, cleaning is the only maintenance needed for your standing seam metal roof.

Just because these roofs don’t need much maintenance doesn’t mean you don’t inspect them annually. Do not let your heavy investment be ruined.

Maintenance of Screw down metal roof

Dissimilar to a standing seam, the screw-down fasteners are screwed and exposed. Hence, they don’t allow the metal panels to expand and contract.

When these metal roofs age, the pressure from the inability to expand and contract can cause holes in the washers. This is why a screw-down metal roof needs more maintenance.

To prevent leaks, your roofing contractor should replace these roofs every five years. If they fail, it can lead to costly problems and the possibility of a strong storm tearing down your roof.

Unfortunately, not many people focus on this until it is too late and the leaks show up. It is essential to hire a good roofing contractor to inspect your roof and take all possible maintenance steps.

Reasons to maintain your metal roof

You know your metal roof does need some maintenance. But what benefits can you derive from it?

Roof maintenance offers you the proper peace of mind

You don’t want to spend time thinking consistently about your roof. With periodic roof maintenance, you get security and peace of mind that your roof is safe.

Once the inspection is done, the roofing company will share the necessary maintenance and repairs.

Roof maintenance has its perks

Though roof maintenance gives you good peace of mind, there are perks too involved, such as periodic gutter cleaning, prevention of significant expenses such as repairs and replacement, and consistent attic analysis.

Your roof investment is maximized with roof maintenance

Your metal roof doesn’t come cheap. Hence, it would help if you got the maximum out of it. A consistent inspection helps to keep your metal roof investment secure and sound. It enhances the life and durability of the roof.

These are some reasons why you should go for metal roof maintenance. If you need any help with your maintenance, repair, or replacement, you can contact the professionals at AMT Roofing and get their instant help.

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