Bay Window Shutters Advantages, Price, and Colour Options! 

Bay window shutters are a rare commodity and a gift that keeps giving. These shutters have been widely popular since their introduction. Their uniqueness and ability to add flair and magnificence to your house are second to none! 

These shutters can instil so much natural light to create a bright and spacious atmosphere inside your home. So, if you want to add gorgeous bay window shutters to your house, contact Bayview Lumex. We are a certified wholesale blinds and shutters seller and will provide you with a range of bay window shutters for your home. 

Why Opt for Shutters for Your Bay Windows? 

Now, you will wonder why you should choose bay window shutters. One of the reasons behind this is their unique shapes and the difficulties faced regarding their configuration. You need not worry about these things when you choose us, as we custom-built shutters to meet all your requirements. 

What follows are the main advantages of bay windows shutters: 

Provide you Privacy and an Ample Amount of Light

With the help of these shutters, your room will be flooded with the light yet will still keep the privacy of your home intact. 

Thermal Efficiency 

Energy and heating leakage are two of the most prominent problems related to old window shutters. On the other hand, our hardwood window shutters are made from wood and add an extra layer of insulation. 

Easy to Maintain 

You need not have to spend hours and hours cleaning the shutters. All you need is a damp, soft cloth, and you’re done. Quickly wipe them; no need to pay huge money to cleaners or remove the curtains. 

Harmless and Non-toxic 

Our bay window shutters are made using 100% natural products. Hence, there are no hazardous chemicals used to make these shutters. For communal buildings, we offer specialised fire-resistant shutters. 


With us, you will have the ability to choose and design your bay window shutters according to the interior of your house. We have many shades and materials to provide the best tailor-made experience. 

How much do shutters cost?

Our shutters are custom-built to mount them in windows accurately. Along with that, we also provide shutters for angled windows. Our experts will measure the angles using special tools. With us, you need not worry too much about prices as we offer excellent services at very reasonable rates. 

However, to keep you posted regarding the prices, many factors can affect the cost of getting bay window shutters, for instance:

  • The price will be affected by the type of design and function you choose. 
  • The material of the shutter will also impact the cost. 
  • Shutter size, colour, and finish can increase or decrease your shutter’s price. 

The Most Popular Colour for Bay Window Shutters: 

When making the final decision on the shutter, you will be pitted against a difficult choice to choose the colour of the slats. Well, to make things easy for you, our executives will help you with that. 

Visit our stores if you need clarification about the shade you want for your shutter. We have more than 21 shutters colours and more than 15 stained finishes at our store. We offer the best and most alluring shutters to make your home look aesthetically pleasing! 

Usually, people like to go for neutral colours when it comes to bay window shutters. What follows are the reasons why these types of colours are very famous among customers: 

  • Neutral colours are very adaptable. They can be decorated easily without changing the colours of your home decor. 
  • These shades make your room brighter and finer, as neutral colours can take advantage of natural light. 
  • Finally, many guests admitted that they love living in rooms with neutral colours, making it a clear winner for shutters. 

Along with bay window shutters, you can also get our critically acclaimed retractable roof system Melbourne service. Our experts will visit your property, evaluate the roof area, and suggest the best option. Please fill out this Get in Touch form, and our executive will soon contact you with a free quote! 

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