Bespoke Metal Works London Can Add a Unique Touch to Your Home

Buying custom-made furniture from bespoke metal works london is a great way to add a unique touch to your home. You can choose from a wide variety of items, such as a staircase, a Banister, or even a Juliette balcony. Choosing something unique will help to reflect your personality.


Having a custom made metal crafted staircase, fence or railing at your residence or business can be a rewarding experience. There are plenty of companies out there that will do the task for you, but if you are looking for something that is a bit more personalized, then the best way to go is to consult with one of the many bespoke metal working firms in the area. Whether you are interested in a custom made metal stair, or a custom built metal railing, you are sure to find the company that’s right for you. Using the best metalwork company will not only save you time and money, it will also ensure that you get the highest quality product possible.

The best bespoke metal working firm in the area will be able to design, build and install your custom staircase or railing. They will also be able to give you a full service quote based on your specifications. Their bespoke metalwork services include custom metal staircases, glass balustrades, and stainless steel railings. As well as bespoke metal staircases and railings, you can expect to see all the usual suspects such as, ironmongery, slack lining, welding, painting, and many other traditional metalworking tasks.

Juliette balconies

Adding a Juliet balcony to your home can provide an attractive, natural look and create a private top level of your property. It also provides an extra window to view the outside.

You can find many options to choose from. You can also get creative and decorate your balconies with plants and mood lighting. You can create a luxurious outdoor lounge or a relaxing reading area close to your window.

In addition to bringing more natural light and air into your home, Juliet balconies are low maintenance and safe. They help to regulate heat in the summer and keep humidity at a minimum.

You can find modern styles of Juliet balconies that are made of stainless steel. They are stylish and can be easily installed into any home. They can also be customized to fit any style and size of home.

The best way to decorate your Juliet balcony is to hang sheer curtains that billow in the breeze. You can even use faux ivy as a railing planter.

If you are building your own balcony, make sure that the gap between the railing and the floor is no more than 10cm. You will also need to make sure that the balustrade is fixed in front of your double glazed door.

You can also add plants and window seats to your balcony. Using plants is particularly useful if you have a small balcony space. You can even grow your own herbs. For example, chili can be grown almost anywhere.

You can also add a fire escape or staircase to your balcony. These can also be used as a standalone metal structure. They can give your home an elegant look, and you can upgrade your property to the next level.

The installation of your new balcony is easy. You can hire a builder or company to install it for you. The installer will ensure that your balcony meets the necessary building regulations. It can also be installed under permitted development rights. Generally, you do not need planning permission to have a Juliet balcony installed.

You can find pictures of different types of Juliet balconies online. If you are having a custom balcony built, it is important that you select the right materials. You can choose from galvanized, aluminium, or stainless steel. You can also have your balcony powder coated for a more durable finish.

Custom-made stairs

Adding custom-made stairs to your home can increase its value and add a unique element. They can be a stunning focal point in a room, or a functional space for storage. They can be constructed with a variety of materials, and are a great way to bring a unique feature to your home.

Metal staircases are among the most popular types of stair designs. They are durable, lightweight, and easy to install. They are also resistant to extreme weather conditions. This makes them a great choice for commercial uses. Depending on your needs, you can choose from stainless steel handrails, glass balustrades, and granite treads.

A sleek wood banister can enhance the curves of your stairway. It is also a great way to introduce color into your home. For instance, canary yellow pairs well with bubblegum pink. The contrasting color palette creates a modern look.

A helix staircase is another design that is becoming popular. It is not only elegant, but it also helps lift the mood. This type of design is a great way to show off your architectural talents.

A sweeping staircase can be a great way to create a continuous flow through your home. It can even double as a feature. The bottom half of your stairway may not always be on your mind, but it can make a big impact.

A marble stair base is another example of a trending architecture design. Combined with a bright runner, this combination can make a bold color choice appear stylish.

A glass balustrade can be a great way to let light in. It can also make the room appear bigger. This is especially useful for children’s play areas.

A bespoke metal work company can provide you with custom-made stairs that complement your home’s decor and your lifestyle. They can even help you add dramatic styles and features. They can also be customized to fit into tight spaces. Whether you want an etched stair runner or a staircase with a unique feature, your metalwork company can give you the perfect design for your home.

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