Choose the right silicone size for breast augmentation.

Many people may have thought that if they hurt themselves, they should make it bigger. But in fact, choosing the size of silicone must take into account our body as well. Due to improper size causing negative consequences as follows:

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  1. Breasts that are too big This will cause you to feel tight, short of breath, and back pain.
  2. Problems with numb nipples Due to the large silicone to squeeze the nipples and nerves.
  3. The larger the size, the higher the chance that the milk will harden due to the tight fascia.

How to choose a silicone that makes it the right size for your body? By measuring the bust Measure the height in the middle of the chest chest height Measure the distance from the nipple to the nipple base. Then slowly open the catalog to choose the right silicone size. And there is another easy way to get the bra that we want to try on. Then take the desired size of silicone and try to fit it in. Then look at yourself in the mirror to see if you like your shape now or not. Then ask the doctor to help measure with a computer program again to see if the size that we are satisfied with is the right size for ourselves or not.

How many cc is good for breast augmentation?

Most people tend to believe that making milk should make it bigger. But as a matter of fact, we should have breast augmentation based on our body. If the breasts are too large, it can cause back pain. In addition, the survey that asked men also found that their preferred bust size ranged from a B+ cup to a C cup, so there was no need to add a huge bust.

How long do silicone breast implants last?

The average age is about 15 years old, which will tell for sure, probably not because it depends on the size and shape of the silicone breast augmentation. that has been added as well, but if it is a teardrop-shaped silicone This will be the quality of the gel will be good. Can live more than 15 years. That’s how it is. What do you know about the silicone breast augmentation that we have presented, friends, do not forget that breast augmentation surgery is not a small matter because We have to live with it forever. Therefore, we should be especially careful with it. Especially when choosing a silicone shape. It’s best to consult a doctor first about what type of silicone breast implants in our case should be used. And how many cc should be added at the most, because each person has different suitability characteristics. Before deciding to do breasts You must find information and reviews to be sure before doing it.

How many days for breast augmentation do I need to prepare and recuperate?

Breast augmentation is a major surgery and safety is of the utmost importance in breast augmentation surgery. Therefore, it is important to prepare before undergoing surgery. But what people often overlook is that after breast augmentation surgery, some people lack attention to take care of themselves, which can cause inflammation after breast augmentation surgery, slow healing wounds, unattractive wounds, deformities can occur, such as together

How many free days do you have before you can do breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation should have at least 5 days of free time as it will still be difficult for 1-3 days to move. But it all depends on the physical condition of each person. Some people just one day. can lead a normal life But what should be careful is to be careful not to make a strong impact on the chest. Because sometimes outside or feeling we may not hurt or feel anything. But the wound inside still hasn’t healed well. If the impact is very strong May cause inflammation.

Another important thing is that we need a silicone box and a certificate from the company that produces the silicone used for our breast augmentation. because inside the box There will be a lifetime silicone warranty card. If there is a problem with the silicone, the silicone manufacturer will take care of it.

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