Common Garage Door Repairs & When to Call in Professionals

A garage door has a life expectancy of about thirty years, give or take. However, other factors, such as the door and installation quality or weather, affect this life expectancy. Another major factor affecting the expectancy is how often you use the door. Most homeowners with a garage open and close the garage a lot, getting the car in and out, kids taking out and returning their toys and bikes, etc.

These combined factors cut short the thirty-year life expectancy unless you do proper maintenance by promptly repairing the door when necessary. Here are some garage door repairs and when you need to call in the repair professionals in Vancouver, WA.

Broken Door Springs

A broken door spring is very common. Over time and with constant use, the springs on your door will suffer some wear and tear. The broken garage door springs mean the door cannot operate and will need immediate repair. A garage door is almost impossible to work with broken springs, so you need to call professionals. Please do not attempt to replace the garage door springs as it is dangerous and can lead to severe injuries or death in case of an accident.

Panel Replacement

Minor accidents like a hockey ball hitting the garage door or bumping it with your car can cause damage. Fortunately, you don’t have to buy a new door when the old one gets damaged. Armed with the model and make of the damaged door, a garage door dealer can get you replacement parts such as hardware and panels, which saves you money. The garage door panels are heavy, and you need to call professionals to fix them and avoid injuring yourself.

Broken or Bent Track and Wheels Repair

If your garage door tracks break or bend, they need replacing as the door won’t open and close as it should. Some garage door track repairs do not need much and only need some tweaking to the existing tracks. Other maintenance calls for a new track, which a repair technician will determine after inspection. If the door wheels are locked and can’t turn, you must replace them. If you attempt to DIY (Do it yourself), you might cause damage like bending the tracks. For this reason, you need to hire an expert to tackle the problem safely and professionally.

Alignment of Safety Sensors

Safety sensors stop the garage doors from closing when it senses an object or person on the threshold. Sometimes, these sensors become misaligned, and the door stops even when nothing or a person is near it. Get professional technicians to align these sensors and get them working correctly.

Damaged or Missing Weather Stripping

Replacing missing or damaged weather stripping is something you can do. Installing new stripping under the door or on the sides is easy. However, stripping in between the door panels is a job for professionals.

Garage Door Opens Unevenly

Sometimes, the garage door may open or close but malfunction halfway. This malfunction might mean the limits are not working. The limits signal the door when to stop opening or closing, so the motor stops. You can check your garage door manual to adjust these limits via a screw in the motor. The solution might be as simple as removing a blockage on the tracks. Rust can affect the rollers and tracks, and you can wipe the tracks to remove any debris. If these hacks do not work, call in a professional to check the issue.

The Garage Door Doesn’t Work

If your garage door doesn’t work, it could be one of several issues. Check your remote and batteries to rule out this as the problem. If the batteries are okay, check if the garage door opener’s lights are on and operational. The motor could also have disconnected from the power or blown a fuse. Try to solve these issues and contact a technician to diagnose the problem if unsuccessful.

Broken Cables

Cables are vital in the garage door system. The cables use the springs’ tension, pulling up the garage weight. Over time and use, the cables weaken and break. If your garage opens halfway and gets stuck or hangs crookedly, it’s a sign to replace the garage door cables. Replacing these cables is dangerous work that requires you to call a professional.

When your garage door has an issue, you need to know when the problem is beyond you. Repairing a garage door is risky, and you might further damage the door or get injured. Call a professional to repair the garage door when you encounter issues you cannot fix.

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