Creating an Inclusive Workplace for Health and Wellness Specialists

As a health and wellness professional, you may have noticed that your organization’s workplace culture is not always welcoming of diversity. That can be the case in many industries. However, the workplace culture of BIPOC individuals can make them feel excluded from wellness efforts. The lack of culturally-responsive care and social norms contribute to this problem, which can be remedied by creating workplace environments that value diversity and inclusion.

One of the best ways to foster diversity and inclusion is to hire BIPOC employees. Such hires not only make for a more diverse and talented workforce, but they also give them new role models to look up to. Inclusion isn’t just about hiring a diverse workforce; it also promotes physical and mental health. Specialists in this field have many different skills. As a result, they have diverse backgrounds, which can benefit your company’s bottom line.

Many leading organizations have a mental health awareness training program. Employees with mental health conditions want to feel supported and respected in the workplace. To create an inclusive work environment, share resources and host company-wide trainings. A new study conducted by Bentley University’s Health Thought Leadership Network revealed that recent college graduates need additional support to cope with the challenges they face in their careers. They also want to feel included without hiding their identity or experiences.

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