Designing a Positive and Engaged Learning Environment

We all know that students deserve a classroom where they can feel the aura of learning and positivity to learn. With this new era of learning and teaching where technology is playing a major role in the enhancement of the education sector, creating a positive learning environment is not a tough task. Education sector is not far away from the term “stress”. These days students are under grave pressure of scoring good marks and scores in their academics being burdened with expectations of parents, peers and tutors. Due to this, students are getting pessimistic day by day. Negativity is covering up their minds and consciousness. This burden of negativity takes a toll on students’ health and makes them weak and breaks their morale. So, let’s see how to create a positive learning environment for the students. Today though schools have support of tools like admission management software and the student information system to help students, they still keep tutors very attentive towards students because tutors need to manage all the stuff related to student’s academic life in the school. Also tutors need to communicate with students on a personal level and ask their issues and problems regarding learning so that students can be made optimistic. Tutors should use their creativity and imagination and should create some activities which can make students feel positive and make them take interest in learning and education. Tutors need to design such activities which can make students impart their knowledge and by using it they can feel proud of themselves. This process will induce self-confidence in them.

The foremost question which clicks in the mind when reading the heading of this article is what is an engaged learning environment? And the answer is it is a specific kind of environment for learning where classrooms transform into communities. This kind of learning environment makes students realize that they are connected with each other and teachers become able to engage students in collaborative and active learning. It is found out in the studies that students who study in an engaged learning environment represent better concentration, focus and attention. This kind of learning environment motivates students to exhibit higher-level critical thinking skills. There are two components, on which engaged environment learning is based and those are active learning and motivation just like a proper school administration gets support from two tools, admission management software and student information system. It all depends upon the value of learning and its expectation of being successful in learning. Those students who are interested in finding information and knowledge are able to create an engaged learning environment. Active learning doesn’t mean verbally, i.e., to be active in learning. In fact, active learners have a zeal to achieve those results and achievement which usually people think twice to perform. In the engaged learning environment the classroom turns into communities where children feel connection among each other. Let’s have a tour of components of an engaged learning environment:

In an engaged learning environment interaction between peers and teachers increases. Students feel connected with teachers and whenever they want, they can interact with each other. This bond gets enriched only when they both trust each other and interaction level between both have an interconnection. This connection not only increases between student and teacher but also between student to student. Students who study in an engaged learning environment get frequent feedback regarding their performance and their improvement from teacher and peer group. Learning is important and it is also the basis of acquiring knowledge therefore, when students are engaged with peers and teachers then feedback about them gets its path very clear regarding their performance and hard work. When pupils are busy in an engaged learning environment then requirement of time, effort and investment of tasks is needed. This is so because each and every successful thing needs its own time to get nurtured and grow. Efforts put in such a process increases its sustainability. Proper input of effort in such a learning process makes the learner leave laziness and put all his efforts and zeal in order to make the student successful. the STEM activities that fit your schedule, locations and your children love.

Engaged learning environment gives chances to the student to apply all his learnings in some practical situations. Learning is another thing and use of that learning in some practical situations is another thing. In such a learning environment where students are connected with their peers and teachers, they get chances enough to apply their learning in a practical way so as to perform experiments in order to testify the practicality of the theory they read in class. Students are creative in their own way and they put their creativity in all the educational and learning processes to get the utmost results. In order to perform in such a way they come to see an ample amount of diversity which nourishes the knowledge in them and makes them perform well with their knowledge anywhere they want to. The lessons learnt by students in an engaged learning environment gives them assistance their whole life because it is far away from just theories and much closer to practicality. On the basis of above stated narratives, we can say that the sense of community which allows students to feel connected with peers and tutors makes students successful in their future life beyond the expectation. It also enhances more individual learning.

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