Effective bridging with SARMs and its benefits

Bridging is mainly defined as the phase of recovery between pro-hormone and steroid cycles. It is that time when you are trying to fight hard to maintain the same strength, endurance and power as you had when within the cycle chain. It is the perfect time for you to maintain your gains, for which you have worked so hard.

As one general guideline, the minimum recovery time or time-off will be the total time on-cycle with the length of the PCT. It is during this time when you will start losing some strength and you will experience a major dip in energy, resulting in mental and physical strain. But, there is nothing to worry about as that’s when SARMs come into action.

For athletes, who always buy SARMs and use them, a perfect bridge will be the one to help them maintain majority of their gains while helping to restore the hormonal balance at the same time.

Bridging with the power of SARMs:

SARMs most of the time don’t get the credit they actually deserve. However, once you have the good quality SARMs at right dose, you can get the perfect bridge while taking time off. There might be some confusion for the first timers, but you must know that SARMs are not anabolics. So, they can help you with the recovery phase pretty well, but only when the dosage is towards the lower side.

  • Some of the major SARMs are designed to prevent muscle loss and handle the function pretty well.
  • On the other hand, while you use SARMs at lower doses, they can provide the impression of being still in cycle and will help in firming up the neural drive.
  • Physiologically speaking, the SARMs will help in increasing the anabolic activity.
  • So, that will not just help in preventing muscle loss but will help in the aid recovery, at the same time.

The idea SARMs Bridge to follow:

The 12-week SARMs Bridge is the ideal routine to follow. It should follow your pro-hormone or the steroid cycle. Bridging with the help of SARMs will start immediately after you have completed the cycle and PCT.

  • For weeks from 1 to 12, you must have SARMs like Andarine 50gm per day
  • For 1 to 12 weeks, you should have 20mg of Cardarine on a daily basis, and 30 minutes before starting your workout
  • For 1 to 12 weeks with Ostarine, it will be 10mg per day once in the morning
  • From weeks 9 to 12, you need to shift your focus towards DAA

Focusing on your mindset:

You should focus on not letting yourself go once you move off cycle. It is true that your chemistry is going to change and you can’t allow your focus to slip off anytime soon. Make sure to work on a solid mental state throughout if you don’t want to lose the gains you have worked so hard for. Losing aggression and neural drive can be pretty damaging like losing muscle gain. So, make sure to keep your mind sharp all the time.

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