Extreme Sports You Need to Try in 2023

There are so many extreme sports that are so accessible to be able to try once in your lifetime. Taking part in extreme sports is so fun, yet also strengthens you physically and mentally. Trying extreme sports for the first time can be daunting, but they’ll definitely push you to the best of your abilities. Here are some of the best extreme sports we think you need to try in 2023.

Rock climbing

Not only can rock climbing be taken part in all year round but it is also considered one of the most popular extreme sports that people participate in. Rock climbing is so great indoor or outdoors. If you choose to try outdoor rock climbing you gain the chance to climb all sorts of different mountain faces and rocks, whereas indoor rock climbing involves climbing man-made walls, which can be done in the shelter.

This is the perfect extreme sport to try in 2023 for anyone looking to face their fear of heights, you can even travel around the world to try out this extreme sport, where you can see different parts of the world from different heights. The best-known places to try rock climbing are Malaysia, USA and Thailand.


This extreme sport is perfect for everyone of all ages, not to mention that it’s a great workout. To be able to ski well you need to have good core control, as you don’t want to risk falling over! The more you delve into this sport the more extreme it comes, where you might even be able to pull off some tricks. Yongpyoung ski resort in South Korea and the Three Valleys in France are some of the best places to try for your very first skiing trip.

BASE Jumping

BASE Jumping is considered to be one the most dangerous extreme sports, which is perfect for any thrill seekers looking for their next sport to try in 2023. BASE jumping, which stands for Building, Antenna, Span and Earth, involves parachuting. With this extreme sport, you will find yourself fixed to tall structures and then released, where you will parachute a short free fall. The best way to ease yourself into BASE jumping is to  start with skydiving, where you can get used to and familiarise yourself with freefall control.


Surfing is a fun water sport to try, not only is it a fun sport, but it can also be quite easy to pick up. Surfing the waves can become addictive once you manage to get the hang of it. There are so many amazing places you can venture out to around the world once you feel confident enough to ride the waves, you just need to make sure you get your practice in on gauging waves correctly.

Cliff Diving

This extreme sport is more of a simple one, as it requires no equipment. You get to experience the feeling of free falling, but you land feet first into the waters. This type of extreme sport is not for everyone due to its height, although it does make it a thrilling experience, which is why it should be attempted at least once by everyone in their lifetime. If you are feeling extra daring devilish you can even try some trick mid-air for an extra adrenaline boost.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is another fun water sport you need to try in 2023, where you can explore all the amazing underwater marine life. Although the best marine life is always found at deeper sea levels, you need to be certified by a recognised diving agency to gain access to do so. For safety reasons places in Thailand and Cost Rica, to be able to dive, will only allow certified drivers from world-renowned agencies for safety reasons.


This one sounds like a scary one for first-timers, but you’ll be strapped to an experienced skydiver, who will make sure that you’re fully safe. This extreme sport will leave you screaming at the top of your lungs, as you get to skydive from the most incredible heights. There is nothing more thrilling than free falling from the highest heights. This is definitely something to try out in 2023.

When taking part in any extreme sports it is always important to have insurance. With sports such as Sky Diving, it would require additional underwriting for all kinds of insurance and protection, Sports Financial Services have years of experience in dealing with people that take part in extreme sports. You should always discuss and think about all options before trying your new extreme sport in 2023.

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