Five Consequences of Truck Accident Injuries and the Importance of Seeking Medical Attention

Many victims after a truck accident are overwhelmed and unsure of how to proceed. The first action they perform after such an unfortunate event matters a lot. A truck wreck is itself exposed to several investigations crucial in realizing who is at fault. 

Getting the necessary information and contact details and figuring out the safety of the people involved in the accident are all things that should be considered immediately after the incident. Sadly, some drivers pay no attention to the immediate and long-term consequences of such incidents. If their bones are intact, they consider it no big deal forgetting that physical and psychological health impacts due to a giant truck crash are precarious. In this article, we will discuss five major consequences of truck accidents. We will also highlight the importance of seeking immediate medical attention. How can immediate actions help you overcome the effects of this worrisome accident? And how can a truck accident lawyer prove to be a life savior?

Five Consequences of Truck Accident Injuries

A crash between large commercial trailers, trucks, and other big rigs with passenger vehicles is typically much more alarming than usual accidents. What makes this collision more devastating is the truck’s heavy size, weight, and gigantic structure. Suffering any injury in such incidents becomes challenging if the truck ownership is commercial.

In 2018 statistics from Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 4136 people lost their lives in big rig accidents. Trucking types of vehicles carry 20-30 times more weight than passenger vehicles. They also have great ground clearances and typically come without underride guards. Thus, they pose deadly consequences for the passengers in low-riding vehicles such as cars.

Serious time, investment, and effort are required to deal with this legal affair. But ordinary people and truck drivers are unaware of these legal proceedings. Seeking help from an expert truck accident lawyer can save one from all this trouble. A truck accident lawyer has immense expertise and knowledge to handle complex claims associated with a truck collision.

You can count on a truck accident attorney to investigate your crash incident thoroughly. All the affairs of your personal injury claim are the sheer duties of a PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER. They put their maximum efforts into getting you the compensation you duly deserve for the loss. Some of their roles include collecting evidence and negotiating with relevant authorities and insurance companies.

According to IIHS, most passenger vehicle occupants lose their lives in accidents with commercial vehicles. Losing a life is not the sole outcome of these collisions. There are several other consequences of big rig accidents that can completely transform your life. In those critical situations, a truck accident lawyer can prove to be a life savior. Let us wade into a few such examples.

1. Emotional Imbalance

Other than property, injury, and financial losses, there is another type of loss that is very significant. Emotional imbalance or trauma is a common result of roadside accidents. It is often kept under wraps but does more harm than other types. Crashed trucks are more precarious than typical vehicles. After facing one such collision, it is very difficult to get over the trauma visualized in that moment.

Truck driver accidents are extremely severe in nature. Drivers in such situations may undergo post-traumatic stress disorder. It can even lead  to the fear of driving or riding in a truck again. Problems of depression and anxiety may also emerge, particularly when one loses a loved one or suffers a huge financial loss.

2. Life Cycle Disturbance

An unfortunate truck accident can disrupt your entire life cycle. Prior to the accident, you might have been an ambitious person. Looking forward to life, setting life, career, and family goals, you might have had big plans. But a sudden life incident changes your view on life. Due to physical injuries, you might not be able to achieve those goals again.

It might also be that you are so emotionally overwhelmed and offtrack. This can also affect, change, and transform your life goals. Ultimately, your short and long-term goals are shattered. Additionally, these accidents put you in several other devastating conditions. All in all, seeking help from a truck accident lawyer can help you get the personal injury claims you duly deserve.

3. Short Term Injuries

Short-term injuries due to crashed trucks are less severe in impact. But they also badly disrupt your life and may force you to adjust to life with the injury. The condition would be no doubt painful and frustrating.

But it would not last long, like long-term injuries. You might need to stop working for some days, months, or even sometimes longer. These incidents may still cost you huge medical bills and financial and property loss.

4. Long-Term Injuries

Long-term injuries are the most destructive in nature. You may spend some years of your life learning to adapt to daily activities under your new circumstances with property and financial losses, etc . 

Long-term injuries can be permanent. They can put you in lifelong conditions of dependency on others. For instance, you may face

  • Spinal injuries
  • Loss of fore and hind limbs
  • Permanent scarring
  • Disfigurement
  • Traumatic brain injuries

5. Property Loss

Big rigs are not merely huge in dimensions. They are pricier too. Purchasing one such giant vehicle is not an easy job. Well-known companies often purchase import and export trucks and hire professional drivers. They work day and night and drag the vehicle along with themselves.

Getting into a massive truck collision is costly for both parties. Losses are countless if two big rigs collide with each other or with a passenger vehicle. In this situation, a truck accident lawyer can estimate the losses you suffered. They will complete the investigation process and let you receive the compensation you deserve.

The Importance of Seeking Immediate Medical Attention

The dangerous outcomes we enlisted in the above section put you in dire need of immediate medical help. Sometimes victims are overwhelmed or perplexed by an unexpected event. They do things haphazardly and forget the pain they are suffering.

But seeking medical care in a fast turnaround time is crucial for several reasons. These are;

  • It will result in proper documentation. Medical billing and documentation of your injuries will be helpful when you reach out to a truck accident attorney. They will use these papers as first-line evidence to fight for your personal injury claims.
  • It will avert life-long or life-threatening circumstances. Big rig accidents may result in certain health conditions where seeking instant medical help can be life-saving. In other cases, it prevents traumas that may make you bedridden and dependent on others.
  • It makes negotiation with insurance companies easier. Your medical proof can be presented to insurance firms to validate your injuries. It will nullify all of their false accusations that the injuries are due to some other reasons.

Your truck accident lawyer fights hard for your rights. They utilize their expertise and industry experience to get you what you are owed. But a little responsibility on your end can make their work easier. So if you find yourself in any such situation, seek prompt medical care. The main goal of this is to save your precious life. Getting injury claims is important but the second priority.

Last but Not Least

Big rigs like trucks, tractors, and semis may sometimes collide with passenger vehicles. The difference in their size, structure, and features favors adverse consequences. These can be averted by adopting strong safety measures and following some protocols. But if semi-truck accidents happen, they bring alarming consequences along with them.

In every situation, drivers’ and other passengers’ lives and health impacts are highly crucial. Truck accidents and injury lawyers can go hand-in-hand in such situations.  The prompt action of a person who has been in a truck accident and the work of their lawyer can lead to favorable results after such a grim situation.

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