Fun & Play Ways To Celebrate New Year 

As the days pass by, they are making way for a new year to bring new thrills of life to us. And being the party-holics, we aren’t going to stay calm. While attending concerts or visiting pubs is something that many will do, you can decide to have a different kind of new year party by arranging some fun games. And to help you out, we are sharing some fun & play game ideas.

Musical Chair

We all played musical chair games at school functions when we were kids, and it was such fun. You can choose to make your new year party better and more fun with a musical chair play time. If there are so many people at the party, then the game can be played in groups, with every group having two or three finalists who will compete in the final round. The songs that you would play for the game should also be funny and quirky so that everyone can enjoy them. We promise you that everyone will love the time spent at your party.

A Beautiful & Unique Cake

Whether you are going to celebrate the new year with your family or you are going to arrange a big party, you can make it worth remembering and special by having an amazingly beautiful & unique cake. Cutting a cake to welcome the new year into your life is something that will help you create moments that are worth remembering. You have to find the best bakery around you and order a new year cake online so that there are no chances of spoiling the cake while bringing it from the bakery to your place. You need to find the best cake design that looks beautiful and unique at the same time. You can look for ideas over the internet.

Treasure Hunt

This game should be played when there are only a few people with whom you would be celebrating the new year. You might have seen treasure hunt games in Hollywood movies. And as they show, treasure hunts are really fun. You do need to spend some good time planning the hunt as it requires deciding upon a worthy gift, hints, clues, and the area where it should be played. Having a big house to play treasure hunt is not quite necessary. All that matters is smart planning to make the game hard and interesting. So, start your new year with your dear ones while hunting for treasure.

Care The Greens

Don’t you think that doing something valuable and important on the first day of the new year will keep you pumped throughout the year? Well, we do believe that, and that’s why we suggest youtube start your new year by caring for the plants and trees around you. Most people have work off on the first of January, so you can call your colleagues and friends to be involved in the activity. Water the plants, feed fertilizers if required, clean the area to make it look more beautiful, and plant trees if there is some space. You can also do this with your family. This activity will surely make you feel inner peace and satisfaction. 

Play Board Games

Multiplayer mobile games have people hooked on the screen for hours without caring for their health. Even though mobile phones have made life easy, the harsh part is also there. You can choose to keep your family away from the mobile throughout new year’s eve by choosing to play board games like chess, tombola, snakes & ladders, and more. You can also choose to make it a daily family thing after returning so that mobile use can be minimized and everyone enjoys quality family time.

Truth & Dare

No one can deny that Truth & Dare is one of the most fun games. We get to know about the secrets of someone’s life (that’s really interesting), and we get to make people do things that we order them to do. And everything happens in a good, fair way. You can also choose to play ‘Truth & Dare’ with your family and friends on new year’s eve and welcome the new year with laughs and smiles. 

Happy New Year to you!

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