How much is a professional auto detailing service?

Professional car detailing is an effective option compared to a car wash. It offers a comprehensive cleaning of the in and out of your car and increases its value. If you haven’t done this before, it is essential to know what to expect and what your total car detailing cost would be.

Basics of detailing

When you think of a car wash, most car owners choose a drive-through as it is cheap. But, detailing companies offer top-quality services, and most people believe the cost would be high.

Though the initial expense of car detailing may be more than a drive-through car wash, the former offers a better value. It provides precise cleaning and maintenance for your car’s interior and exterior. Detailing professionals offer several auto detailing packages, from basic to comprehensive services, charged accordingly.

A basic detailing package consists of exterior wash, interior cleaning, window cleaning, and complete polishing offering higher quality and better value.

Work done on the inside.

Interior detailing involves dusting and vacuuming to clean the carpeting and upholstery of dirt. It further includes shampooing and sweeping the area under the carpet. Special interiors, AC vents, leather parts, knobs, and glove boxes are also treated and appropriately conditioned.

A soft cloth is used to wipe out all the parts. Any chrome part is polished, and the glasses are cleaned for a streak-free look.

Work done on the outside

The exterior cleaning includes cleaning the body, mirrors, window, wheels, and undercarriage. All minor paint imperfections are touched up, and the car is polished.

Additional services

It is not uncommon for the service provider to upsell additional services which are not a part of the package. They are offered at a discount and are an excellent way to add extra benefits to your car. You don’t have to do it on a tight budget.

Additional services include paint touch-ups, engine bay wash, wheel well coating, mold removal, and more. Other benefits include ceramic coating, paint protection film, window tinting, or car wrap.

Average cost

Car detailing costs include between $150 and $1000, with an average price of $200. A comprehensive detailing job can take six hours, depending on the number of services needed. As auto detailing can take time, booking an appointment on a free day is essential when you’re available for pickup and drop.

Tips to save money

As auto detailing is a costly investment in your car, the cost can be decided by choosing how much work the auto detailer has to do to make it look like it’s out of the showroom. You can reduce costs by vacuuming your car to minimize the detailing workload. You can also go for a regular car wash to make your car look cleaner and better.

Choose a reliable and affordable car detailing company to manage your cost. Do proper research and check reviews from other customers. Find out if they offer the best service value for your money spent, and then go for it.

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