How to Use a Penis Pump (VCD) as a Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

What is a penis pump and how does it operate?

A vacuum constriction device (VCD), referred to colloquially as a penis pump, is a type of device designed to enable sufferers of erectile malfunctioning to reach an erection sufficiently rigid for copulation and maintain it.

VCDs typically consist of three functional parts that operate in tandem: A cylinder made of a durable substance such as perspex, an attached pump, and a band created from a flexible material such as silicone or rubber. The operation of a VCD is simple, straightforward and safe so long as basic safety precautions are observed.

Erectile dysfunction becomes an increasingly common problem as men age, with roughly 15% of men being chronically affected by age 70. Penis pumps are obtainable with either manual or electrical pumps, and can provide a dependable alternate remedial to medical options and potentially invasive surgical operations.

Do Penis Pumps work? Here’s how to use a penis pump correctly

The cylinder and the pump are used together to draw blood into the vessels and tissues of the phallus, mimicking natural erection actions. After this, the ring is applied to the body to maintain rigidity.

To use a VCD:

1.) Although not a strict requirement, many men choose to remove the hair from the bottom of the penis to prevent the ring getting painfully tangled up. Taking the clippers to your nether regions can also improve the vacuum seal quality.

2.) Place the acrylic cylinder over your manhood entirely.

3.) Vacuum the air from the tube with the provided pump. This creates negative pressure (vacuum) that will draw blood into the penis, swelling, stiffening and enlarging it.

4.) Once the phallus is fully firm, slide the ring (with lube if necessary) as far down the shaft as is comfortable, as close to the testicles as possible.

5.) Release the vacuum and lift the device from the body.

This should generate an erection of sufficient durability for intercourse. If necessary, the constriction band can be left in place for a maximum of 30 minutes.

(h2)What are the advantages of using penis pumps for erectile dysfunction?

Do penis pumps work? Studies have shown that between 50%-80% of men achieve satisfying outcomes while using vacuum constriction devices for ED. Duration of erection is contingent on individualistic factors, but somewhere in the region of half an hour can typically be expected.

VCDs have none of the multitudinous secondary effects engendered by the chemical or surgical methods commonly employed. Fiscally speaking the long-term costs are much lower, as, after the initial purchase, there will be no recurrent financial commitments.

Compared to surgery, a penis pump is far less costly and is non-invasive. Also, VCDs can be used to facilitate a restoration of natural erections after surgery to the prostate or damage from radio/chemotherapy.

Are they any risks with using a penis pump?

Penis pumps are, by and large safe for the majority of men to use.  However, those taking drugs such as warfarin and clopidogrel, or patients with disorders like sickle-cell anaemia that mainly affect the blood should discuss these with their family physician prior to deciding on a viable treatment plan.

Compared to medication and surgery, the risk of associated side effects when employing a penis pump are small. However, some can occur, such as:

Petechiae. This condition is characterised by tiny dots, red in colour. These minuscule dots result because of microscopic ruptures in the capillary networks that litter the thin skin of the penis.

Pain during the point of sexual culmination, or a feeling of stuck semen. This can be remedied by obtaining a constriction band with a slight recess or notch, so that the urethra isn’t as thoroughly compressed

Pain or bruising – Generally this only occurs with improper use of a VCD. Ensure you read instructions thoroughly and follow all guidelines to alleviate this risk.

Another potential drawback of using a VCD is that your erection might feel strange or synthetic. The base of the penis may not become fully erect, and use of the device can be a clunky affair. A certain degree of tolerance and understanding is likely to be required from all involved parties.

Factors to take into account when deciding which pump to buy

VCDs are obtainable online, over the phone and from pharmacies. If you are buying one of your own accord, rather than getting it prescribed from your doctor, there are some important factors to take into account to negate the risk of injury.

One vital safety feature to look out for is a vacuum limiter. This prevents you from over-pumping, which could cause a dangerous or painful increase in localised blood pressure.

Another important safety feature is a quick release valve. This enables you to instantly depressurise your device as soon as required.

Use of a VCD cannot increase penis size, and attempting to use the device for this purpose could cause injury.

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