Is Your Company Concentrating on Data Innovation?

Despite GDPR’s emphasis on protection of personal data, it makes no mention of data innovation. Innovation is a key driver of new services and products and has profound consequences for the growth of a nation’s economy. Most of digital innovation relies on the intensive processing of data. In order to understand how data innovation affects an organization’s bottom line, Splunk compiled a survey of 1,250 respondents in June 2021. The survey represented companies of all sizes and sectors.

The most successful companies are embracing data innovations and transforming the way they do business. These companies are satisfying customers and leading their industries. As the value of data grows, every business is responding accordingly. Its leaders need to make sure their culture is ready to embrace data innovation and that they have the right talent and resources to drive the process. In addition, they should measure the success of their innovation. Using data to inform and develop new products and services will help them gain an edge over competitors

While many companies have begun to focus on data for AI, few have been so successful in using it to drive real business outcomes. Companies like Uber and Amazon have disrupted their industries and created the next big thing. For instance, Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information, Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy, and Microsoft aims to empower people and organizations through data. Companies that are focused on their purpose will know how to use data to achieve their objectives and deliver real impact If you need to hire the best talent in other regions a PEO Germany company can help.

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