Legitimate Questions Regarding Exactech Knee, Hip, and Ankle Replacements

Manufacturer of medical devices Exactech is based in Gainesville, Florida. Exactech recall is one of the newest issues. The business employs hundreds of people and produces a wide range of goods. However, it is currently best known for announcing several well-publicized recalls. 

Exactly Why Did Exactech Recall its Knee, Hip, and Ankle Replacement Devices?

Exactech has recalled its replacement devices (hips, knee, and ankle) over worries that they would deteriorate much more quickly than anticipated, endangering patients and needing replacement (or “revision”) surgery. The oxidation brought on by inadequate packaging is the cause of this degeneration. Pain, clicking or grinding noises, and other symptoms, may be felt by patients whose Exactech implants are deteriorating. Defective Exactech equipment may crack, fracture, or release hazardous materials into the body if not replaced promptly; additionally, it may also lead to multiple health complications too. 

What Must I Do If I Have an Exactech Ankle, Hip, or Knee Replacement Device?

You should speak with your doctor if you have an Exactech ankle, hip, or knee replacement device. To analyze your Exactech implant and decide whether (and when) revision surgery might be required, your doctor can perform scans. You should also discuss your legal rights with an Exactech implant attorney if you have unfavorable side effects or need revision surgery.

Remember not to give the business any medical documents or other information. Many patients will be entitled to substantially more, even though it may be voluntary compensation for some out-of-pocket expenses. Consult an expert attorney before reneging on your rights and settling for less than you are due.

If I Sue Exactech, How Much Will I Get?

Your financial and non-financial expenses allow you to receive the appropriate compensation for your faulty Exactech ankle, hip, or knee implant. In order to guarantee that they are pursuing the proper damages for your past, present, and future medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses, product liability attorneys will work closely with you and your healthcare professionals.

What Reward is Offered in the Potential Exactech Recall Lawsuit? 

Legal action relating to the Exactech knee, ankle, and hip recall may involve the following:

  • Surgical charges and medical care if your gadget malfunctioned because of a flaw
  • medical costs, both current and future
  • the past and future discomfort brought on by the injuries, medication, and healing
  • both past and future lost wages
  • loss of ability to earn
  • loss of life’s happiness (both now and in the future)
  • possible additional harms

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