Live Shopping: What is it? How does it Work?


Traditional, physical stores are perfect at customer service. They are able to focus on the specific needs and requirements of a handful of consumers simultaneously, providing expert recommendations and offering solutions to their questions and concerns until they’re convinced to purchase.

When it comes to e-commerce stores, they’ve got a wider reach than their traditional, physical counterparts. There’s no limit to the number of consumers they can serve simultaneously, and they can be in any part of the world. They only thing they need is access to the World Wide Web.

Live shopping effectively blends the two. By doing so it puts modern retailers ahead of an extensive online audience. At the same time, it enables them to respond to consumers on a one-on-one level. Let’s dig deep to unearth more about live shopping, from what it’s to how it works.

What is Live Shopping?

As you already know, live shopping or live streaming e-commerce shopping combines the best of online and offline shopping experiences. The outcome of this merger is a purchase that’s more than just a transaction. It is fun, engaging and can create long-lasting trust.

Live shopping took off in Asia. It’s a marketing technique based on live-streaming. It involves a host who presents products, and potential consumers interact with them in real-time. Live shopping provides businesses with the opportunity to interact with their consumers and target audiences on their social media channels and websites.

That isn’t the only way a live shop operates. Also, influencers can operate these live streams, as can other people. Emerging from China in the early 2010s, this online marketing and shopping version hasn’t stopped expanding since then. As a business owner, manufacturer or consumer, you should know that live shopping is only here to stay.

How Does Live Shopping Function?

Live shopping merges excellent qualities of online and in-person shopping – convenient purchasing and personalised attention. Similar to regular live streaming, live shopping has an extra feature that allows customers to view before they can purchase items they interact with on the stream. When customers see products they’re interested in, they can order them instantly.

Social networks and platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, among others, have started utilising these shopping capabilities. Depending on the platform they’re using, viewers can view and purchase products within the interface instantly or be transported to the business’s official website to complete their purchase process.

Businesses usually offer discounts in terms of codes and other unique bonuses and incentives that’re only valid during live streaming. That makes it more valuable for viewers to watch and take part in real-time.

The Benefits of Tapping into Live Shopping

Live shopping offers numerous benefits, which include the following:

  • Excellently informed, engaged and inspired customers.
  • More successful launches and higher conversion rates.
  • Reduced return rates.
  • Potential to become a lifelong growth channel.
  • Interactive content.
  • More brand awareness.
  • More social media engagement.
  • More hype as businesses can use tactics such as viewer-only discounts or limited-time offers with live shopping videos allowing them to generate hype for their products and utilise impulse purchases by driving more sales.

Getting started with live shopping is easier as it involves just a few basic steps; pick your products, get a host, choose the format, select a platform and rehearse the broadcast.

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