Personalize Your Mac to Function Optimally

It is not possible to customize major settings on your Mac, but you can tweak some functions to make your system work better for you. Here’s how to do it.

Customize the Desktop by Changing the Wallpaper and Screensaver

Changing the wallpaper is the first step to altering the look and feel of your computer. Go to System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver to change the wallpaper. You can also get there by pressing Command + Spacebar to launch Spotlight and then enter Desktop to find the preference.

Next, you must select a wallpaper image you wish to use, and you can change the wallpaper automatically. You can even decide to set the frequency at which the image will change throughout the day. Next to the Change Picture box, you can choose the desired interval.

You can even choose the wallpaper images to change randomly. There’s a Random Order box, and you must tick the box. To keep things organized, you can store the wallpaper images in a specific folder. The Desktop & Screen Saver pane will keep the folder updated, so you do not have to constantly worry about adding the image when you download something new.

Similarly, you can change the screensaver by going to System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver. So whenever your screen goes to sleep or is inactive, the screensaver can be set to start.

Switch Off the Keyboard Backlight

The keyboard backlight helps you see the keys when working in the dark, but they can be a nuisance. If you are watching a presentation or video, you might not want the distracting keyboard backlight. So you can turn off Mac keyboard light, which will change how your Mac appears.

Change the Color Scheme

Changing the color scheme of macOS is another way of transforming the way your system looks. You don’t have to stare at the default blue color of your Mac. Go to System Preferences > click General and change the Highlight Color.

You have eight choices of color in the menu. If you need more, click the Other option and choose a color from the color picker.

You can also explore the Appearance option that will change the applications’ menus, buttons, and windows to a monochrome option called Graphite.

Change the Default Dictionary

On the Mac, Apple’s Dictionary application is one of the most valuable tools, especially for writers and journalists. It gets the job done.

But you can change the default dictionary if you need to look up words in the true English dictionary. Likewise, you can enable an alternate language in the application. Go to the Preferences window and tick the box of whichever you want to have in the main window.

There are different thesauruses and dictionaries included with the macOS, and two are more resources than dictionaries like Wikipedia and Apple.

Use Hot Corners to Automate Tasks

Go to the Desktop & Screen Saver preferences pane and click on the Screen Saver tab. Here, you can view options for different screensavers, and at the bottom, you will find Hot Corners.

Hot Corners is the feature that enables users to utilize the four corners of the screen to invoke specific actions automatically. For example, it can be to open the Notification Center, Launchpad, etc.

When this feature is activated, you only have to move the mouse to a specific corner of the screen. Then, the action will be accomplished.

Tweak Spotlight Settings

You might have private files on your system that you don’t want people to see. You can choose not to have those files listed when searching. You can exclude them from the Spotlight query by launching System Preferences > Spotlight > Privacy Tab > click the plus button and add a folder you don’t want to be displayed.

You can even change the way Spotlight displays the search results. For example, it would be best to go to the Search Results tab, select the categories you wish to see or drag them into the preferred order.

Change the Safari Home Page

If you are using macOS Monterey, you can use many customizable tools that this macOS has added to Safari. For instance, the home page editor is the new addition.

On Monterey, you can quickly personalize the Safari home page with a background of your choice and specify which sections should be visible, like the Reading List or Privacy Report.

After launching Safari, click the Settings button on the home page and then pick a background from Apple’s collection. You can also upload your own by clicking the plus icon. Then, check and uncheck the boxes next to each section to organize the home page according to your browsing preferences.

The Bottom Line

So are you ready to personalize your Mac and give your system a new look and feel? Follow the tricks mentioned above.

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