Preparing for Black Friday in Marketing

Online shopping and eCommerce have seen significant growth since 2020, making Black Friday promotion a real opportunity for online store owners. And because it’s not long until the “shopping holiday” you have to think and set up your marketing strategy from now on to sell a lot and a lot. That is exactly why we have prepared a whole article to help you. Learn everything a Black Friday promotion strategy entails like a book.

Let’s start!

1. Anticipate the competition and start planning early

Because everything has moved online, and queues at malls and stores have turned into search engines and online orders, shoppers will start doing their homework and planning their purchases early. What does this mean? That the Black Friday discount period will start earlier and end later. So you need to be one step ahead of your competitors.

Start creating your Black Friday campaign plan early by paying close attention to the schedule of promotions and offers you will offer throughout the Black Friday period. It’s no longer a secret that many consumers eagerly anticipate the year’s biggest discounts. 35% of shoppers start their shopping session before the official start of the Black Friday campaign.

2. Prepare the promotional calendar and email marketing strategy in advance

Start optimizing your email marketing strategy by planning a month in advance and creating multiple email marketing campaigns tailored to your Black Friday goals. These email campaigns are designed to entice buyers to review products and services on your website. When the actual campaign starts, your brand will already be on their consideration list.

Also, at this stage, it is very important to build your email lists, both with new and existing customers. To encourage new potential buyers to subscribe to your newsletter, you can use some standard marketing tactics. The most important aspect is to constantly grow your database and give your existing customers offers and benefits to become loyal customers.

3. Optimize your site for mobile

The number of shoppers choosing to purchase products or services from their mobile phones is steadily increasing every year. And because this phenomenon naturally occurs throughout the year, when we talk about Black Friday, the number of mobile users will certainly double, at least.

That’s why it’s important to make sure your website is optimized for mobile. Before the start of the Black Friday campaign, a series of tests is launched aimed at the loading speed of the site and elements on mobile, the user experience, accessibility on several types of mobile, but also the entire journey of the user on the website.

4. Black Friday Promotion – Plan the budget for your campaign

Paid advertisements are a key element in the Black Friday promotion strategy. And because they cannot be missing, the “Budget” variable must also be taken into account. PPC ads have become the main tool for conversion and awareness. That means only one thing: high competition and even higher prices. To stand out during Black Friday and make sure your ads are effective and don’t get lost among the thousands of ads, you need to budget accordingly.

At the same time, in addition to the generous amount that you have to allocate to advertising, it is necessary to take into account the creation of specific audiences, targeting both existing customers and attracting potential buyers.

In marketing, it is proven that a significant number of orders are made by loyal customers, so never forget to include them in your strategy.

6. Create an editorial calendar for social media

Social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube and Tik Tok can be instrumental in influencing people’s purchasing decisions. In fact, 11% of social media users shop directly on Instagram and 81% of people use Instagram to find products and services.

Create an editorial calendar in advance that contains both feed posts and stories about Black Friday sales and promotions. Start posting before the actual campaign starts, so your audience will know in advance about your brand and about the many surprises and discounts you are preparing.

To climb the top of organic searches, use various strategies such as using suggestive hashtags with each post. It is also advisable to integrate the functions of Facebook Shops on social media platforms, to give customers the opportunity to select the desired products more easily and quickly.

Important! Use your creativity to its fullest capacity. Use GIFs to capture users’ attention, there are some awesome examples of Black Friday animations online if you want to get an idea. Your target audience will definitely stand out among hundreds of competitor posts. Let your imagination shape the most unusual texts, visuals and strategies.

7. Make sure your product descriptions sell

Before announcing the start of any promotional campaign, do an analysis of previous campaigns and see:

  • Which products/services sold the best?
  • Which texts/descriptions had the biggest impact?
  • What can be improved this year?

After you answer each question, you can start working on tweaking and improving your descriptions/text for this year’s Black Friday campaign.

With a very clear and impactful call to action and a description that perfectly combines emotions and essential information, you can reach the consumer’s heart faster than you think. At the same time, make sure that the texts and descriptions on your website are SEO optimized to be indexed much more easily by Google. If you want to learn more about how to SEO optimize your website texts and descriptions in an effective way, read here.


In a world of digital commerce, the only solution to stay one step ahead of your competitors is to have a well-crafted, carefully thought out and meticulously outlined strategy. All at least one month before the “Black Friday Promotion” operation starts. It is not enough just to have some brilliant ideas in mind, but you have to translate them into the most appropriate form to win the hearts of your consumers and attract their attention before the rivals in the eCommerce “jungle”. So, start now to let your imagination run free and plan!

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