“Skin problems” and treatment

Dermatitis is a condition in which the skin is abnormal. It comes out in a common form, such as a red rash, flaky peeling, thick red blotches. or conditions with extremely dry skin until causing a red, itchy rash There are also many other manifestations.

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Skin diseases can be found all year round.

Each season has a different climate, temperature, and humidity in the air. It is an important factor provoking a variety of skin problems.


Because during this period there will be a higher temperature. Hot weather makes you sweat more. resulting in skin irritation The skin in that area has sarcasm As a result, it causes inflammatory skin rashes. According to the various folding nooks, if the skin in the area is in a damp state for a long time, it can cause skin disease. from candida The skin is characterized by a red rash, peeling skin, or a moist red appearance. There is also tinea. That can be found frequently. The skin in this area looks like a white or brown circle, often found on the chest or back. This is the point where there is a lot of sweating.

You can take care of your skin in the first place to prevent the risk of such diseases. by wearing clothes that are transparent, good ventilation Take a shower to cleanse the crows immediately upon returning to the residence. and if found to have severe skin rashes Recommended to see a doctor to diagnose the exact cause. and continue treatment with appropriate methods masstamilanfree 

Rainy season

During this season, problems encountered often arise from walking in flooded areas after rain. May be accompanied by a dermatitis rash from touching dirt from flooded areas In some cases, there may be a fungal infection. or bacteria can follow. The most common diseases often occur. A rash on the soles of the feet, crotch, or Hong Kong feet caused by fungi, causing the appearance of peeling, reddened skin in the crotch area.

So after the feet have touched the dirty water. Should be washed with soap immediately. dry your feet If you have dermatitis, itching, and itching, see your doctor for a diagnosis to determine exactly if it’s caused by bacteria or fungi and treat it right away.


During this season, the weather is getting colder. from reduced air temperature and humidity. The skin that used to be moist decreases as well. The amount of sweat absorbed and excreted is less, thus causing the skin to dry up. When the skin is so dry that it starts to peel May develop into a dermatitis rash. due to dry skin The most common areas are the arms and legs, and very dry skin is found during this period in young children, the elderly, allergy sufferers. and those with dry skin

Skin care this winter Can be taken care of by regularly applying body lotion. To moisturize the skin, use mild soap, avoid hot showers. Because it will make the skin dry. In the face of that You can use the cream for your face as usual. and if the surface is very dry You can wash your face with plain water. However, if found to have severe dermatitis symptoms. Should see a dermatologist for further diagnosis and treatment.

Skin health problems during COVID-19

During this period that continues with the spread of COVID-19, the most common skin disease problem is dermatitis on the hands. This requires frequent hand washing, the use of soap and alcohol, which damages the natural skin barrier. Dry hands can cause irritation and lead to dermatitis. Can be taken care of by using a cream to apply on dry hands frequently. to add moisture to the skin And if the skin is inflamed, red, peeling, dry until it breaks into a wound Should see a dermatologist for treatment. In addition, wearing a mask for a long time 7hdstar. Makes the surface of the skin moist. It was a problem on the face with a rash. or acne follows easily You can take care of your facial skin every day by avoiding makeup. keep clean and may choose to use cosmeceutical products to restore deep skin health problems

Healthy skin distant skin disease

can be easily taken care of and protected by us isohunt. Just pay attention to the details of the basic routine that you perform each day consistently, that is, getting enough rest. exercise food selection especially fruits and vegetables drinking enough clean water and keeping clean avoids the risk of disease. This can create a protective shield. Strengthen the skin from the inside But in some cases, if there are skin problems or have abnormal symptoms It is important to have a clear diagnosis of the cause before planning a treatment by a dermatologist.

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