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Facebook has been known as one of the most popular social media platforms in the world for various reasons. People mostly use it to keep in touch with friends and promote their work. But some use it to keep secrets, and you deserve to know the truth, and this is where Facebook spy software comes in.

A spy app will let you know all the activities happening on the target user’s Facebook profile. Concerned parents and worried employers can take their help to keep a close eye on the user’s activities without letting them know. 

Facebook Monitoring with Spymaster Pro

Spymaster Pro is a trusted and reliable monitoring software to track people’s daily activities on Facebook. It is one of the integral features of the software solution and will have information directly visible on the dashboard provided. Spymaster Pro is available in more then 10 countries.

Facebook has become a hub for many nefarious activities, after all. Since you can send a friend request to anyone on the site, many are using it to contact old lovers. Criminals are also using it to further their activities.

Monitor Facebook Chats With Spymaster Pro

Your wish to read others Facebook messages is easy with Spymaster Pro. The monitoring software will give you a view of all the conversations exchanged through the target user’s Facebook messenger profile daily.

All the information and data shared through the messages will be directly transferred to the dashboard for you to see daily and live. You will get the information with the date, time stamp, and other contact details.

Facebook Monitoring Feature Help You To Track:

Is your child secretive about their Facebook use? With Spymaster Pro, you can spy on Children’s Facebook Messenger without raising any alarm on their device. Let’s go through a brief description of what you can learn with our Facebook spy app:-

  • Chats

The dashboard will easily let you view all the incoming and outgoing conversations on Facebook messenger. 

  • Comments

You will be able to see all the comments your target user makes on anyone’s Facebook posts or profile.

  • Contacts

You will get to look at all their Facebook friends and observe their regular contacts who they converse with the most. 

  • Multimedia

The Facebook spy app will let you view all the multimedia files the target user posts on their profile and exchange them with their contacts on Facebook messenger. All the information will be visible on the dashboard. 

  • Files

The Spymaster Pro dashboard will let you view all the files exchanged through Facebook and Facebook messenger. 

Other Features You Get Free

If you’re interested in monitoring Facebook activities, various cell phone monitoring software solutions are available. One of the most popular options is to learn how to read Facebook messages without being seen, but there are also other useful features to consider. With some of these software solutions, you can get a comprehensive list of information from the target user’s mobile device.

  • Call logs: You will be able to view their entire call list with complete details. 
  • SMS logs: Their full SMS list will be visible to you with additional information.
  • GPS: Track their accurate location with comprehensive information about their stay and location.
  • Phone book and Calendar: Access their phone book and analyze suspicious contacts. Go through their calendar to see if they have any secret meetings planned.
  • Multimedia and other files: You will be able to see all the multimedia files and different types of files exchanged through the target device.
  • Social media: Monitor their activities on all social media sites, like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., directly on the dashboard.
  • Chat sites: Track all the conversations on various chat platforms live and daily on your personalized dashboard.
  • Browser history: Once Spymaster Pro has been installed on the target device, have a detailed look at their browser history. Even if it has been deleted and on any browser.
  • Installed app: See their activities on all the installed apps on the target device.


Are your loved ones not engaged in daily conversations? Do they stay in their rooms for most of the day? Technology has changed our lives for good and bad. It has changed everyone’s behavior and kept most people distracted. Get the ability to read others facebook messages and see the truth behind their secret activities. 

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