The Top Benefits of Programmatic Advertising for Your Business

Gourmet Ads provides a wide range of Programmatic Advertising solutions to brands, agencies, publisher trading desks, independent trading desks, demand side platforms, and retargeters. Our company, as a pioneer in this field, has revolutionized the way businesses communicate with their target audience. We have successfully worked with both Demand and Supply-Side Platforms since 2012.

Our comprehensive offerings cover all aspects of Programmatic Advertising. We provide end-to-end support, from establishing deals across our Managed or Curated Supply to executing Programmatic Campaigns that fit with your key performance KPIs. To ensure optimal outcomes, our Programmatic Campaign Management includes formulating campaign objectives, creating attractive ad creatives, identifying target markets, and continuously evaluating campaign success.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic Advertising is a digital advertising strategy that uses automated processes and technology to streamline ad space buying and selling. This strategy makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms to match advertisers with publishers, guaranteeing that the right ads are delivered to the right audience at the right time. Programmatic advertising enable advertisers to easily reach their target demographic while giving publishers with a streamlined approach to monetize their ad inventory.

In basic terms, programmatic advertising automates the entire ad buying and selling process, eliminating away with the need for manual negotiations and human participation. Advertisers can specify their target market, budget, and campaign goals; programmatic platforms will take care of the rest.

Private Marketplace

A Private Marketplace (PMP) is an exclusive Programmatic Advertising auction that is open to “invite-only” participants. It gives customers priority or preferred access to the ad server or supply-side platform (SSP) with agreed-upon pricing. PMP deals are often made up of preset high-quality inventory or audience segments.

PMP deals are created by using Deal IDs to target the required high-quality inventory. These deals can be set up as either evergreen (with no end date) or campaign flight-based (with start and stop dates).

Programmatic Managed Services

Gourmet Ads has provided Managed Services (also known as Direct IOs or Insert Order Campaigns) to Brands and their Advertising Agencies since 2008, resulting in hundreds of campaigns. Our team not only has the strategic and tactical skills to assure success, but we also have a worldwide footprint of ad operations spanning three continents to provide ongoing monitoring and optimization of your campaign throughout the day and night.

Rather than depending simply on our own publisher supply, we prioritize reaching the desired audience throughout the entire internet when operating a Managed Service Campaign.

Smart Deals 

Smart Deals revolutionize Programmatic Advertising by leveraging the power of Data Science and Machine Learning. Smart Deals provides a dynamic and automated method to ad exchange by integrating these technologies into the Appnexus Ad Server. Days of depending simply on historical data for impression selection are long gone. Smart Deals automates the process within the Ad Server, allowing for real-time decision-making.

Smart Deals provide the potential to optimize campaigns based on individual buyer goals and key performance indicators (KPIs). To assure campaign success, each buyer can specify their own programmatic targets and use third-party verification measurement tools. Smart Deals enable exact targeting and optimization at the appropriate levels, whether it’s expected viewability for display advertisements or video completion and viewability rates.

Curated Deal

The challenge for programmatic purchasers who want to satisfy their KPIs while using deals or private marketplace (PMP) arrangements is constantly scaling these programmatic agreements. Gourmet Ads addresses this issue with their Curated Deals, which differ from their Appnexus-managed supply deals. Curated Deals are entirely customizable and protect your brand.

Curated Deals provide programmatic buyers with a unique solution for achieving enormous reach in their advertising campaigns. Since 2008, the needs of advertisers and buyers have changed dramatically in the ever-changing landscape of programmatic advertising. Curated Deals’ features include total customization and scalability, the ability to use your own demand-side platform (DSP), viewability targeting, deals without a floor price for both lower funnel and upper funnel campaigns, domain and page targeting.

Programmatic Marketing

There are numerous strategies for marketing a product or service. Programmatic Marketing is a particularly unique technique to market in the digital age. To automate the buying and selling of digital ad space, programmatic marketing uses powerful algorithms and real-time bidding. It eliminates the need for manual ad negotiation and placement, streamlining and improving the process.

One of the primary advantages of Programmatic Marketing is its ability to reach the right audience at the right moment. Advertisers can send personalized and relevant messages to their target customers by leveraging data and targeting options, boosting the likelihood of conversion.

With Programmatic Marketing, you can decide when and how often your ads are shown to potential customers, as well as which publishers show them. You will only have to pay for incredibly successful ads that are sent to the proper audience when using programmatic marketing. The application of machine learning and AI algorithms enables real-time optimization and improving of ad campaigns, assuring optimal efficacy.

Guaranteed Programmatic

Gourmet Ads allows purchasers to lock in Programmatic Guaranteed on a one-to-one basis with Higher Priority than standard PMPs or Deal IDs.

Programmatic Guaranteed combines the advantages of direct insert order media buying with those of programmatic advertising. Gourmet Ads allows purchasers to secure Programmatic Guaranteed deals on a “One to One” basis, giving them a higher priority than standard private marketplace deals or deal IDs.

Open Exchange

Gourmet Ads provides an Open Exchange Marketplace (through Xandr Member ID 1792) that provides programmatic purchasers with direct access to our inventory through an Open Auction that operates behind our PMPs / Deal IDs. Our Open Exchange pricing methodology in Xandr is a 2nd Price Auction.

Programmatic Reports

Gourmet Ads takes a new approach to Programmatic Reports, combining comprehensiveness with simplicity. Our technology ensures that Programmatic buyers and brands trading programmatically receive clear and detailed reports on a monthly basis, directly from the Sell Side. Additionally, Media Traders can benefit from our full deals report, which provides useful insights into their trading activities. Our improved reports help you make more informed decisions, optimize your programmatic methods, and get greater outcomes from your advertising campaigns.

Always on deals

While we also provide customized and highly targetable Deal IDs/PMPs, we have compiled a selection of popular Always on Deals in categories such as Placement Based Deals, Contextual Targeted Deals, and Audience Based Deals.

Gourmet Ads offers a number of Deal IDs/Private Marketplaces (PMPs) choices across our range of offerings to Programmatic Buyers. These scalable deals are designed for Agency Trading Desks, In-house Programmatic Brand Teams, and Independent Trading Desks. We provide “ready to go” Always On/Evergreen Deals, also known as PMPs, Deal IDs, or Private Marketplaces, that buyers can use for any programmatic campaign.

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