Top Improvised Practices of Smartphone Handling

A modern human being can no longer imagine living without a phone. But sometimes a cell phone becomes a cause of nervous breakdown. For example, when you are late for an important meeting, and the battery charge is almost exhausted.

1. Drying a wet phone

If the phone is wet, take a tightly sealed bag and pour rice into it. Put the smartphone in that improvised rice spa, having removed the SIM card and battery from it. Close the bag tightly and leave it for 24 hours to allow the rice to absorb moisture. In 3/5 of cases, the phone will turn on and allow you to make necessary calls and transfer important information from it, thus it’s not a sure solution. But it can work if you can’t turn to experts immediately, which is recommended.

2. A bowl sound amplifier

To make your device more loud, you can use the Volume Booster Plus program. However, this app doesn’t work on all gadgets and only makes the sound louder by 20%. So you can optimize the volume of the speakers in yet another way. Put your phone in an empty bowl or glass while listening to music. The sound will be louder, more spacious and more pleasant to listen to.

3. Balloon case

You can easily turn a balloon into an admirable phone case. Inflate the balloon, clamp its neck with your hand. Put the smartphone on it and, pressing on the surface, slowly deflate the balloon. When the air is fully drained, the phone will end up encased by rubber. Then just straighten the edges and cut off the aforementioned balloon’s neck.

4. An improvised stand made of glasses or a crab hair clip

Do you want to watch videos with comfort? Sunglasses can turn into a convenient stand for your phone. Alternatively, you can use a crab hair clip – simply insert your smartphone into its jaw.

5. Fake call or text

An incoming call can help you out in an awkward or difficult situation. It is common to use the help of a friend in such situations. With the Fake Call & SMS app, you can make the call yourself, which, obviously, is an easier and more reliable way of achieving the desired result.

6. Twisted wire for your smartphone

Decorative and convenient twisted wire for charging your phone can be made from straight wire. Wrap the cord around a pencil, secure the ends with tape or clips. Heat the wire with a hair dryer for 2-3 minutes, then let it cool down. Remove the coil from the pencil.

7. Macro lens

Macro photography with a cell phone is next to impossible, many people would say. But if you drip a small drop of water on the phone camera, the gadget develops a temporary macro lens, which you can use to shoot small inscriptions on coins, or stamens and pistils of flowers.

8. Stylus made of a pencil and foil

Drawing on the screen using your finger is inconvenient. Stylus is designed for this purpose – it is a simple but useful thing. And the most interesting part is that you can literally make one yourself at home. It is enough to wrap a pencil with foil, carefully pressing the edges. Voilà – your stylus is ready to serve you.

Just make sure you don’t damage the screen with it. It is easy to find technicians who specialize in iPhone screen repair in NYC, but it might not be the case in your area.

9. Getting your phone charged quickly

Many of us have faced the situation when it is necessary to urgently leave the house, but the phone’s charge is almost at zero. Charging time can be significantly reduced if you put the phone in Airplane mode. A huge number of processes and modules that consume energy will be switched off. Alas, you will not be able to receive calls and make calls yourself in this mode.


Using these tips, you can make your experience with the phone even more pleasant and rewarding. Just don’t forget that no amount of amateur adaptations can eliminate the need for timely repair and careful handling of your device.

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