What is cheaper to build: an attached garage or a detached garage?

If you’re worried about whether to choose an attached garage or a detached garage for your new home, you’re not alone. Every design has its benefits, but it entirely depends on you. The first thing homeowners consider is the cost of the garage, attached or detached.

From a financial perspective

When comparing attached and detached garages, you may wonder what the cost difference is. This cannot be answered with simple calculations as it involves several factors. However, generally, the price between both garages is significant.

If you’re planning for an attached garage, the building cost will include the original construction of your home. If you want a detached garage, you will notice the variation.

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Building and siding materials, doors and windows, insulation and electricity, plumbing, and other expenses, affect the price of both garages. However, comparing an attached and detached garage revealed that an attached garage costs around $7500 to $27000 while a detached garage costs around $25000 to $70000.

Here are a few questions to ask you when choosing a garage type:

  • Which garage size will suit you best?
  • How do you plan to use your garage- is it solely for vehicle storage or other things?
  • Which style will complement your home?
  • Will the garage mix in or clash with your present home architecture?
  • How vulnerable is the property to prospective break-ins?

Apart from the expenses, there are several pros and cons to consider when it comes to attached and detached garages:

Detached garage- Pros

Enhanced curb appeal: A separate garage enhances the apple of your home and makes it appear like a mini estate.

A good alternative for infill neighborhoods: Infill development may need property owners to build garages in a vintage neighborhood style.

Better storage for toxic and flammable items: If you want to store dangerous things, then a detached garage is a good space for it.

Detached garage- Con

The only disadvantage is its relative distance from your home.

Attached garage- Pros

Easily accessible: As the garage is attached to your home, you can access it at your convenience from your home interior.

Safety against break-ins: Vehicles stored in an attached garage are tougher to break in because the alarm will go on. The garage and home wall are connected so the alarm will blow out.

Attached garage- Con

The only con is that if there’s a fire or break-in, it makes your entire home vulnerable.

The decision

It is essential to consult a qualified builder and know the right option for you that meets your needs. Considering a financial perspective, a detached garage is costlier than an attached garage. However, it offers additional benefits and boosts the resale value of your home twice that of an attached garage. So, considering all the points, you can go ahead and make your decision. Brave Homes Calgary is your one-stop solution to get your garage constructed. The professionals will give you all the guidance and construction help with your garage building.

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