What is Proof of Address? How Does It Work?

There are many ways to prove your identity when performing specific tasks. You may provide your government-issued ID when opening a bank account. However, the company will also ask for proof of address for important tasks and verification.

Many companies use your proof of address and use address validation software online to confirm whether the location is real. If you’re confused about what proof of address is, you don’t have to worry.

Here is all the information you need about proof of address and how it works.

What is Proof of Address?

A proof of address (PoA) is a document that allows government organizations and different companies to verify where you reside. The officials can use an address verification service to determine whether your location is correct and real.

Companies also require PoA to ensure you comply with the Know Your Customer (KYC) checks requirements. Verifying the identity of a customer is also easy because of proof of address.

Remember, a PoA is not a single document. Instead, you can provide different eligible documents, such as your PoA, when opening a bank account or verifying your identity elsewhere.

How Does Proof of Address Work?

The primary way proof of address works is by allowing global companies to compare the information against the database using an international address verification service. You don’t have to submit a form or anything to get your PoA.

Here are the documents that you can use as your PoA when performing different tasks:

  • Driving license
  • Residence permit
  • Utility bills
  • Bill of landline phone
  • Recent bank statement
  • Recent lease or mortgage agreements
  • Passport
  • Tax documents
  • Employment letter
  • Car registration

Requirements For Proof of Address

Submitting the relevant document is not enough every time you present your PoA. This is because you must meet some requirements. Here are the things you must ensure:

  • The PoA document must be in your name and match the name of your government-issued ID
  • The document must have your present residential address
  • It must be recognized by an official authority through the company name or logo. For example, gas bills are authorized by the official company
  • The document must be dated recently. For example, most banks will require you to give a PoA dated in the past three months

These are the main requirements set by most banks and other companies. However, some rules may differ depending on the specific reason you are submitting a PoA for.

Verifying Proof of Address

Verifying a PoA is relatively easy because of the different options. Companies offer online and offline checking methods for high convenience. Online checks may be performed using an address verification service or centralized databases.

Typically, a company will use online methods to verify your PoA. If the authority believes that additional checking is necessary, they will move forward to offline methods. These are paper-based checks that are more thorough.

The main purpose of verification is to minimize fraud incidents. Many people may provide incorrect addresses to scam companies. So the checks have been designed to offer you a better experience and allow the relevant company to maintain their security.

Final Thoughts

This is your complete guide to proof address. Most companies will require you to provide this document when signing up for their service. A prime example of this is opening a bank account.

The great thing about PoA is that you can submit various documents, such as a change of address registration form, a home insurance policy, a courthouse letter, and much more.

Always ensure the PoA is in your name and matches your official ID details. These things should also match the information you have provided in the application form for the relevant service.

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