What is the Best Online Memorial Site?

Whether you are looking for a place to store the mementos of a loved one or you are looking for the perfect place to share your memories with others, there are several online memorial sites to choose from. Here are four sites you should consider:


Whether you’re arranging, online memorials for your loved one or hosting a virtual funeral, choosing the right site is an essential first step. Choosing the right online memorial website will ensure your memorial will be memorable, beautiful, and functional.

The gathering is an online memorial website that makes it easy to plan and create a lasting tribute to a loved one. The site has a free version that lets you create a social memorial page and add photos and videos. The paid version allows for full-service event hosting and an attractive memorial page. You can also donate to your loved one’s favorite charity.

Another option is EverLoved, which provides an online memorial page. The site asks standard questions about your loved one, asks for feedback about your planning experience, and provides links to funeral home companies. It also offers price quotes from funeral providers.

Another online memorial service, Kudoboard, is an interactive way to remember a loved one. It allows you to share photos, videos, and messages with friends and family. It also has a memorial slide show. Guests can upload photos and videos, and you can add custom graphics and HTML graphics.

The paid version is more comprehensive than the free version but costs $1,200 for the Core memorial and $1,900 for the Premium memorial. You can upload up to 100 photos, create a custom obituary, and accept donations to your favorite charity. You can also participate in mindfulness sessions and a custom legacy activity.

There are many different online memorial sites available, but the key is choosing one that is easy to use and provides you with the features you need. In addition to a guest book, most memorial sites offer videos, photos, and music.

Forever Missed

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Creating an online memorial is a great way to honor a deceased loved one. You can include pictures, audio messages, video clips, and even an obituary. You can also add a virtual guest book and donate to a charity.

There are several different memorial websites to choose from. Each has a unique set of features. Some may be free, while others require payment. You will want to choose a memorial site that is easy to use and visually appealing. This will help visitors find your page and remember your loved one.

EverLoved is a memorial website that offers an online memorial page as well as a fundraising platform to cover funeral costs. Its site includes links to independent memorial companies as well as price quotes for funeral services. The site also offers articles and other resources for everyone. Its blog features product updates and articles on all kinds of topics. Its customer service is ready and waiting to help with any questions you have.

The gathering is a free memorial site that allows you to create an online memorial and send event invitations. You can also create a guest book and track RSVPs. You can choose to have your memorial pages hosted forever, or for a specific amount of time. You can also create a donation page and designate a nonprofit charity to receive donations. The site offers a free memorial page, or you can opt to pay a monthly fee for a premium memorial page.

lasting is a simple online memorial site that allows you to set your site as private or public. You can also upload photos, add videos, and track visitors.

Never Gone

Creating a memorial website is a great way to keep your loved one’s memory alive. It also offers a convenient way to communicate your needs and garner donations. Unlike traditional memorial books, you can keep the site up to date with your loved one’s photos and updates.

One of the perks of having an online memorial is the fact that you can share the page with family and friends, no matter where they happen to be. The downside is that technology failures can deprive you of your precious photos, videos, and multimedia treasures.

The best online memorial website is one that is easy to create and maintain. Most memorial sites are free. This means that you can spend as much or as little time as you want to design your page. You should take the time to select the most appropriate template for your needs. This will ensure that your page isn’t just another unwieldy blot on the Internet.

Other factors to consider when choosing an online memorial website include the site’s features and capabilities. For example, it may be best to select a website that offers a free plan, as this may help you to avoid paying for unnecessary features. Another consideration is the number of guests who will be able to visit your page. The software from FrontRunner allows you to set the number of visitors who can see your page.

There are also other perks of creating an online memorial website, such as the ability to print a keepsake. You can also keep your loved one’s memory alive by creating multimedia memorials. This may be especially important for those who have been cremated.


Creating an online memorial is a special way to honor a loved one’s life. You can upload photos and videos, write tributes, and share the memory of a loved one with friends and family. Online memorial sites are free to create, but you may want to consider paying for a memorial page that will last forever.

Inamori is a memorial website that has a simple, calming interface. It offers a free trial and 14-day money-back guarantee. It’s easy to create a memorial page with Inamori, and the site is also mobile-friendly. You can choose from multiple themes and customize the page to meet your needs. It also has a blog and customer service phone number.

Ludo board is another popular memorial website. It is a free memorial site that lets you post photos, add obituaries, and contribute to an obituary. Its memorial pages feature unlimited posts and include an obituary as a slideshow. It’s also easy to post video files.

HeavenAddress is another memorial website that allows you to post photos and videos. It also has a virtual event feature, which allows you to live stream an in-person event. The site also offers several themes to choose from, but there aren’t as many features as on some other sites.

Keeper is an online memorial service that allows you to create private memorial pages. You can also upload pictures, videos, and stories. The website also offers scannable QR codes that link to your online tribute page. You can create free memorial pages with Keeper, but you’ll have to enter your payment information to get a paid version.


Memories(TM) is another memorial website that allows you to create private memorial pages. It’s the fastest-growing online memorial service, and it works on desktop and mobile. It also provides a suite of funeral planning tools. It’s accessible through a well-designed website and free iOS and Android Apps.

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