When is the best time for tree trimming in Toronto?

Is winter the right time for pruning, or should you choose summer? Well, what is the ideal time to trim trees? Trimming trees at the right time is more essential than you can imagine. So, when is the best time for pruning trees?

For some unknown reason, most people choose fall season as the best time to trim trees, especially when you get four seasons yearly. The bright leaves falling, the large branches look like iffy. However, there are better moments to prune your tree. The best time to trim trees is in winter.

If you trim the branches during fall, you will never see the expected results. Unless it is imperative to prune trees during fall, it is better to avoid it. Try and save the tree cutting for the winter. Professional arborists qualify to trim trees all year round. The specialists realize the different stages a tree is in and the process of dormancy and enhanced growth.

Trim according to the tree type

Usually, routine pruning is done to eliminate the infestation and dead or weak branches. If you trim in winter, you enhance the chances of growth and wound closure. It will help with a spring growth spurt. Oak trees, for example often suffer from oak wilt. Every cut can lead to a possible change in the way the tree grows.

Homeowners can remove dead branches for making the tree look better. They further trim the hazardous branches that risk falling during the storm. Shaping trees also enhance the airflow and light entrance in the house.


Such trees shed their leaves every year. Hence, they are trimmed during late fall. Once they start the dormant season, you can see the branch structure.


Such trees can be trimmed all-round the year because of their growing environment. They will replace the lost tissue rapidly. But you should prune big limbs every few weeks.

Young trees

Developing a good shaped tree needs trimming. Young trees should be trimmed during winters. Trees that get good pruning while they are young need little trimming when they are old.

Flowering trees

These trees should be trimmed post blooming. Consistent trimming of dead branches can be done anytime. Different trees have different rules for trimming. Ensure your arborists knows about it.

New trees

When talking about new trees, you can go for pruning at any time of the year. You should prune trees regularly to keep them healthy, safe from infections, and aesthetically appealing in look. Don’t wait till its limbs get very big. Such limbs will lead to bigger wounds which gets tough for a tree to seal. Also, it leaves the tree open to infections, diseases, rotting, and insects. Do not chop a tree to reduce its size. This process is called topping and can hurt the tree.

Now that you know every tree has a specific season that helps it get best results for trimming, you can go for it accordingly. Hire tree trimming services and ensure they know which season is appropriate for the trees in your backyard.

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