Why the number of egg incubators for sale in Nairobi has risen over time

You can find almost anything you need to purchase in Kenya, in Nairobi. Whether shipped or locally produced, you find the best equality of products here. This can be attributed to the stiff competition among sellers in the city.

The increased number of egg incubator stocks in Nairobi has drawn the need for research. This article explains the reasons for the increased demand for egg incubators over time in Nairobi.

You may be interested to know why exactly egg incubators are now preferred over the natural method of broody hens. This read seeks to explain why there are so many egg incubators on sale in Nairobi.

Cold weather

Most areas where poultry farming is practiced in Kenya experience cold weather. Because of this, hens sometimes only hatch some of their eggs. Incubators solve this problem by providing brooding with the required temperatures and humidity. In case you land the best incubators, losing some eggs while hatching some becomes a thing of the past.

This is especially good for businesses by ensuring no losses and the demand is met.

Increased Popularity of Poultry Farming

The hospitality and food industry has witnessed an increased demand for poultry products, especially in Nairobi. Also, the increased popularity of street chicken and eggs in Nairobi has contributed to the increase in need.

This is the main reason for the increased number of egg incubators for sale in Nairobi; to meet farmers’ production needs. With the increased demand for such products, farmers have found that the solution to meeting their client’s needs is using egg incubators to hatch more chicks rather than relying on broody hens.

Currently, there are so many brands of incubators, all of which come with various features and advantages. Today we have both solar and electricity-powered egg incubators.


The current education system in Kenya is more focused on the practical side of learning rather than the theoretical one. School farms of the best schools in Kenya now own at least one incubator to demonstrate how it works for learners and practical purposes.

During Agriculture lessons, learners can practice hatching eggs using an incubator with a teacher’s aid. This makes learning more enjoyable and practical for learners.

Inefficient broody hens

Someone who has been in poultry farming long enough can attest that not all hens can brood chicks. Some hens lay eggs, but when it comes to brooding time, they neglect them midway. This can bring frustration, failure to meet demand, and loss to the farmer.

Many farmers have resorted to using incubators to hatch eggs to avoid relying on the hen, which is more like a gamble. Using an incubator is the way to go for large-scale production of chicks and eggs.


Both the hen and the eggs face a threat of predators during brooding. Animals, like snakes and raccoons, mainly prey on eggs. Farmers have moved from depending on hens to brood chicken to evade the risk of predators, which sometimes pose a total loss.


Today, they are finding egg incubators for sale, whether online or physically, which is very easy. Despite the hospitality industry being hit by the Covid wave, they are slowly rising on their feet. Although there are other reasons for the increased demand for egg incubators, such as exports of poultry products to neighboring countries, the main one remains the Kenyan hospitality industry’sdemand for such products.

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